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Asymptomatic, Atypical, and HSV2 Positive: are you like me?

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Hi everyone,

I was just diagnosed through a IGG 1/2 specific test yesterday.

I am negative for HSV1 and positive for HSV2 (1.24 with a clear negative cutoff of 0.9).


The past few months have been extremely confusing, with me going through waves of suspicion, then relief, and then suspicion again. I wanted to post my story in case anyone else is suspicious about their atypical symptoms(if any) and how herpes can present unusually:


Discharge was really my only clue. I never had any pain and I checked with a mirror nearly every day for the past 17 weeks; never saw any typical bumps, sores, lesions, blisters, etc.


2 days after the encounter I had intense itching, redness, and swelling over my entire vulva--went in and tested positive for Candida yeast infection; was treated for that.


15 weeks later, I am having a lot of discharge. Runny, clearish white. I can't go a day without having something in my panties. I go in to be seen for a possible birth control evaluation; Dr. does a wet mount and diagnoses me with bacterial vaginosis, treats me as such. While I am there, I voice concern for herpes, so Dr. takes a swab of a "irritated looking" area to appease me. Swab returns negative. Irritation attributed to BV.


These symptoms kept being confirmed by testing for other things. This is why I kept believing to be ok, and pushing the thought of herpes from my mind.


It never would have crossed my mind in the first place if my Google search for "itching" didn't return "herpes".


Fast forward to this week. Discharge has not changed AT ALL since I ran the course of BV antibiotics. This is where the alarms started going off. I went in for a swab of discharge and to take the blood test. Lo and behold, my results: this time, swab was negative for yeast and bacteria, positive for HSV2.


I do know exactly who I got it from. He had told me he didn't have herpes (I asked specifically). So either he is asymptomatic and didn't know or lying; honestly, I would believe either case, because I had to push him to use protection, and he had a high amount of partners before me. Red flags I should have seen. I hate myself for that night.


I don't know if he knows he has herpes. I would like to tell him, obviously, so he starts using protection with his future girls, but as we are both university students in the same circle of friends, I cannot live with the possibility of him revealing my condition to everyone.


What i DO know is that he is positive for HSV1 and gets cold sores! How I am negative for HSV1, baffles me. He even went down on me once without protection, before I had learned about his cold sores. I was really hoping to come up positive for HSV1, even genital HSV1.


Right now, since i've had suspicion ever since I learned about herpes symptoms from the very first yeast infection, I have slowly accepted my diagnosis. I am consulting my doctor about the Western Blot. Right now I think I am more emotionally dead than upset. I don't have anyone to disclose to--yet-- and haven't exposed anyone since, so I don't really need to have any talks. But I'll cross that emotional bridge when I come to it.




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So - wait - you got a swab or a blood test - the IGG isn't a swab ... or was that to confirm/back up the swab? Because 1.24 may be called a *positive* result but with the weird symptoms you are having (which could be MANY things) anything under 3.5 could be a false positive.


I would consult with Westover Heights clinic (don't worry about going to your Dr about it - odds are they won't even know about it)... and I assume you are seeing an OBGYN and not a GP? Because IMO GP's need to just stay out of that area of a woman's "business" and send you to the GYN .... who are the "Vaginas R Us" of the medical world ;)


Westover Heights does phone consults for $5/min - so you could tell them what's been going on and they can prescribe the test for you... money well spent IMO for a clear and decisive answer so you can move on with your life either way



Westover Heights Clinic,http://westoverheights.com/ (503) 226-6678


Now, if you DO have it, you will be fine ... it's normal to get upset/depressed/etc because our country has a stigma attached to H, but the REALITY is that you don't HAVE to buy into it. That is a choice that you can make once you get properly educated about it and read the stories of others like myself who have lived with it a loooong time and have perfectly "normal" lives ... promise :)



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First, I got a swab done (at 13 weeks, although i know time frame doesn't matter for swabs). The swab came back negative.


I got the IGG Blood test done to back up the swab in case it was false negative...about 5 days before the exact 4 month mark, and that is what is "positive". I pretty much trust it even though my number is pretty low from what i've read. Ideally I will be able to afford and get a western blot, but if not, do you think it's worth going in and doing another IGG in a month to see if my antibody count rises past 3?

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