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Talk came sooner than I thought

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Hello everyone,

So I found out I had HSV-2 last November I was devastated at first but just figured I should get on with it. I wasn't in a relationship and I was happy with life and ready for whatever came my way. I wasn't expecting to have the talk for a long time, when all of a sudden a friend of mine and I became more intimate (just kissing and seeing each other more). I panicked and felt I had to say something before he wanted to take things further. He got all worried because I absolutely freaked out that I had just been put in this situation out of the blue and I didn't have any "speech prepared" I didn't want to say anything because I haven't told any of my friends before let alone this one and it was all just so fast! Anyway I was crying A LOT! And I just came out with it, and he was like, erm ... so its just a cold sore down there?. I was like yeah technically I had 2 small blisters and that's it. He said oh my goodness you had me so worried there is that it!!! He was really really touched that I had the decency to say something to him and that I said it sooner rather than later and that it didn't change the way he felt about me and it really didn't matter. It isn't life threatening it is just a little skin blister.

I told him all I know about the virus and made him fully aware that if you get HSV-2 you have it for life. He says he is prepared to take the risk and it really doesn't matter to him. I have to say though I did get myself worked up over nothing I can't imagine how people cope if they just dragg it out and leave it any longer!

It was my first time 'having the talk' and it wasn't so bad :-) in fact it was fine. So just do it guys and gals I am very very glad I did. I don't know where it will go with this guy and neither of us mind he is just glad I said something sooner and I have the HSV-2 weights lifted off my shoulder too :-)

Doooo iiiit !!!

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I love your story Optimist...my first disclosure was exactly the same! I cried a lot (well it was the day of my diagnosis!) too and he just said..."Oh god I thought it was something bigger than that!". I needed time to come to terms with it so we decided to be friends and now he is one of my bestest friends. I just disclosed again to someone VERY special and he was amazing too. Yeah I get it out in the open so I don't have to dragg it out. I'm with you..just Doooo it!!! :-) x

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