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How it all started

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I just thought I'd share my story , since I have never done so.

I was seeing this boy for about 6 months and we finally decided to do "it". It was great but then the very next day I started to feel horrible. I had a fever and was in so much pain. I googled my symptoms ( I google everything ) and after lots of reading figured that I just had tearing "down there " which was common for your first time. But just two days later in the shower I felt bumps "down there " and broke down in tears in the shower because I kinda just knew what it was. I let week go past before telling anyone because I felt disgusting and felt people would judge me. But soon I was in so much pain I couldn't walk so I told my mom. I went to the doctor and they ran some test and gave me medication for my pain. 2 weeks later the doctors office called me and confirmed that I have hsv-1 .

And that's how it all started .

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Honey, listen...you came to the right place! The H family here is like nothing I've ever experienced. So positive, supportive and accepting. I'm just very recently diagnosed with HSV 2 (I'm pretty sure) and I don't know where I would be without these guys. In the future, and hopefully you never see another outbreak again (we can all hope :)), but if you do, EPSOM SALT baths were my saving grace during my first ob. If you need any advice or just to vent, this is the place to do it! Don't ever feel disgusting because of this virus, I hate how a lot of people make it seem like you purposely went out and dragged your butt across a herpes rug or something lol, I mean, it has to come from somewhere, right?! Chin up my dear!!


Brighteyes :)

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Sending you a big hug honey. You are not disgusting and none of us here will judge you at all - there is NOTHING to judge! You were seeing him for 6 months before you 'did it'...there is nothing bad about that...perfectly normal and responsible. Only thing is you caught the same virus we all have.


You will feel up and down for a while and hopefully your body will suss this virus out and settle down asap. Eat well, try and control feeling stressed about anything, exercise, do things you love and be with people who are good for you. You will feel better in the future...just be kind to yourself.


I'm sending you lots of healing energy and hope I will see you again on here. We are all here to help you, so fire away with any questions, have a rant, ask for a hug (I'll send you heaps!!!) or just let us know how you are doing.


Yep chin up YoungOne...it gets better and there are some gifts that come from having H - just read through the posts and see.


Janice xxx


...and I have to say brighteyes, your comment about dragging our butt across the herpes rug made me LMAO! :))

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