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How often to take Meds?! New & confused!! Please help:(

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Hi everyone! I am still new to having the whole H thing. I've been diagnosed almost 3 months ago with Genital H! I am finally getting use to it and it has made me even stronger. I am so confused about how often to take the medicine and how much. I know I obviously take the medicine when I have an outbreak, when I do..it says take "5 times a day" ..okay got that part. Now here's my questions: 1.)How often and HOW MANY PILLS a DAY do I take to prevent from passing it to my negative partner?? I disclosed to him about 3 weeks ago. We've been talking about 3 months ago..he took it very well and I feel like he is the one for me so I do want to protect him to the best of my ability. 2.)How many pills just on a daily basis do I need to take to prevent future breakouts period? because 5 a day every day seems like a bit much 3.) How will I know when I have enough antibodies to fight the virus where I can not have to take the pills every day? Last one I promise..4.)My boyfriend asked me such a good question: He said eventually he wants to have children, meaning we will one day have to NOT use a condom, so how do we take steps with family planning? Thank you guys so much in advance..I am just a bit lost. Sorry for all the questions. This website is so informing. I love it!

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Well you need to go back to your Dr and discuss the dose and which anti-viral you are taking. Generally you take Valtrex 1x/day and Acyclovir 2x/day for suppression. Certainly 5x/day is a LOT ... so call your Dr and find out what they say... We can't tell you what to take here because we are not doctors ;)


As for the antibodies ... there's no way to know if/when you are shedding, so a lot of the choice about taking the anti-virals is a combination of trial and error (seeing if your body controls it when you come off...and make sure to WEAN off so the body has a chance to take over the supression) and what risks your BF is willing to take ... once the body has it under control (6 mo-1 yr) his risk will be about 5%/yr with no meds/condoms ... each of those measures cuts the risk by 50% each.


And you can definitely get pregnant and have babies ... again, work with your OBGYN (make sure you go to an OBGYN and not a GP for anything to do with the Vajayjay including Herpes ... GP's are not nearly as well versed in the latest info and often give out bad advice) A lot will depend on whether you are having OB's on a regular basis at the time... with HSV1 though, it should settle down so you won't have too much risk and you can have the baby naturally as long as you don't have an OB in the last month ... they usually prescribe Valtrex for the last month to help to reduce the risk of an OB in that time ... :)



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@WCSDancer2010 thank you so much!! that truly helped a lot! That's the same thing I was thinking lol...the pharmacist told me 5 times a day, which it said on the bottle as well and I thought it was odd, although I was taking that many during my initial OB. I have to call him to make sure. Thanks again..you're awesome(:

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