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pregnancy and labor

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So I'm currently 6 months pregnant and battling with the decision on my birth plan. I have two other children both delivered natural now with baby 3 and hsv I'm stuck. I'm on daily medication because I know I'll have OB's due to my high stress level. I don't want to have a C-section by doctor said I wouldn't have to as long as I have no OB's from 36 weeks on which is do able because of my medication. Has anyone still opted to have a natural labor And was successful at not passing on to the baby? I just would like to hear others who live with H like myself that have or are going through this. I don't want to be selfish and say I'm having my baby natural because I'm extremely terrified of a c-section. Is it selfish? Am I just making this a bigger issue than what it should be??

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Hello and Welcome!


I had my 2 daughters back in the Dark Ages of Herpes knowledge and medication in the 80's. I had the first by cesearean because the Dr scared me into it ... turns out I could have been put on Valtrex even then and had her naturally. Found that out after she was born and managed to swetch to a new OBGYN for my second who not only was ok with the natural birth (and I didn't even take the meds...they just monitored me) but it was a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesearean) ... both daughters are healthy and herpes-free .... so yes, of course you can have your child naturally and at least nowadays you have the meds to help to control it... so don't worry - let your Dr help to monitor you... if they feel there is ANY risk to the child they will certainly let you know :)



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Thank you for your response. My doctor fights me on this everything he says "I do this all the time your not the first nor the last. Baby will be fine." I stay on my daily pills and no outbreaks which is good. He said he will monitor it and just when I go into labor make sure they are aware of it so they can check me to make sure I'm good to go as planned.

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