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Confused about how herpes is spread

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I feel like the more I read up on Hsv-2 the more confused I get... I read to throw out razors etc that have come in contact because it could trigger another outbreak, but than I heard that it doesn't live long airborne and can only be spread genital to genital contact. I just want to understand... I want to have relationships with people without the fear of spreading it to them... Has anyone had a successful long term relationship without spreading it to their loved ones? What precautions do you take? Can it be spread through oral sex too or genital sex? Has anyone worn condoms and still spread it? .... I apologize ahead of time for all these questions....

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Well, this is the reason you need to be careful about going to Dr Google for health stuff 😛


I'm putting some links below to fill in some gaps ... I'm behind on here so I'll have to keep this brief but I'll gladly answer more later 🙂


As far as razors, you should be fine. Sure, I wouldn't shave your genital region then pass the razor to another, but even then your risk would be pretty low. Yes, the shaving could trigger an OB, but that means you are shedding AFTER the fact ...


Yes, the virus doesn't live outside the body very long... and generally you really only need to worry about direct skin to skin/genital contact unless you are playing with a raging OB ... in which case I'd find other ways to play anyway 😉


I've had herpes 35 yrs... I gave it to my hubby but that's because we didn't know what my weird "rash" was at the time ... we stayed married for about 18 more years .... so that didn't change the relationship. I've been in 2 other relationships (3 yrs each)... one I used the anti-virals, the other I didn't by his request. Didn't use condoms. Neither of them got it. I have a client who has had HSV for 30 yrs, had her first OB a couple years ago, yet he has never got it from her. But it IS still possible to pass with condom use ... condoms lower the risk by about 50% ...


As for oral sex, only 1% of all oral Herpes is HSV2 - it really doesn't like that area... so if you are just really careful about not playing while you have an OB, you should be fine there 🙂


The links below may help to clarify things for you 🙂










Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video


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thank you so much @WSCdancer2010 its great to hear you were able to have normal relationships without spreading! I was under the impression that was nearly impossible, so thats uplifting. and thank you for the links i will definitely be checking them out.

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