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if you have GH, can you get HSV anywhere else?

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After a month of being positive for genital herpes, I tried to have intercourse. I was tensed the whole time, it was dry. The next morning I found a small "paper like" cut.Please help me understand what's going on. Can genital herpes just appear on your genital, not your rear?

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@bookworm88 genital herpes can appear on your genitals, anus, butt, tailbone.....the nerve network that the virus lives in is connected so anywhere along that network, the virus can travel down the nerve and surface. Sex can trigger OB's due to friction so that may be what you are experiencing.

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Wow. I'm am not looking forward to my next OB, infact I'm terrified of it appearing in that area. I keep checking with a mirror daily. How long do I wait until this "paper cut" lesion goes away? When is it ok to have intercourse again? Is there any correlation btwn the virus and getting swollen lymph glands under your arm? I greatly appreciate your help @fitgirl

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@bookworm88 don't freak out too much :) a lot of people get their OB's in generally the same spot all the time. I happen to get them on my vagina, anus and tailbone but each person is different. As time goes on, you will learn your body and figure out how it is handling the virus. You should wait until the cuts fully heal and you don't feel or see any signs of the OB. They clear up at different rates for different people but usually a minimum of 7 days to be sure. I noticed on another post that you said you tested positive but you didn't say if it was ghsv 1 or 2? It sounds like 1 but can you clarify that for me? Did your husband get tested? I am trying to clarify which herpes you have and whether your hubby gave it to you from oral sex? Had he had cold sores before?

As for the ob's, some get very few OB's a year, some get none and some get them all the time! It's too early to know how your body will manage but the better you take care of yourself (theoretically) the less likely the OB's will be frequent. Yes, the swollen glands can be due to your body fighting the new infection. Those other symptoms should subside as your body adjusts. Herpes can live in the nerves for years and never come out. Your husband could have had it for years but are you sure you got it from him? Maybe you already had it and it just appeared now. Sorry if you have clarified these questions on another thread, I can't quite get to them all! :)

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@fit I feel like I'm getting more information from you than the nurse. All she did was swab me and left. When the test came positive, she didn't tell me which I had. I never had intercourse with anyone but with my now husband. I have made out with someone and performed oral but never got cold sore. I contacted the person and he says he is clean. Could I have had this and never knew? I had a young daughter, wouldn't I had an OB then? Being on Valtrex, is it normal to have white liquid discharge? I greatly appreciate your help. A huge help to me

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@bookworm88 if you haven't had intercourse with anyone other than your husband and no one has performed oral sex on YOU then it's likely that your husband is the carrier. That said..... he could easily have not known he had herpes (like most people who have it) and it only takes one exposure so he cannot at all be to blame. Herpes is a virus that doesn't discriminate. It doesn't make you bad or dirty. It's just a virus, it doesn't have to define you. As for the white discharge, that's probably yeast. It is pretty typical for females to get yeast infections especially if taking meds. Btw, men have just as many yeast infections as women, they just call it jock itch :). Get on a regular regimen of probiotics and the yeast will clear!

There is no blame in this situation, just the realities of a sexual life. You have a husband who loves you and he didn't know he had herpes. That's soooooo very normal.

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