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Genital herpes (hsv1) to oral transmission?

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I am curious to know how hard is it to transmit Genital type 1 to my partner (non h) mouth oral if I was to receive oral sex without protection with no lesions on my penis ? Is there any rates or anybody that has experience with this? Also, if say the risk is up there, is it worth getting on antivirals? Thank you.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, there are no trials that I know of that focused on this, but we DO know that GHV1 sheds about 1/3rd as much as OHSV1 ... so that makes the risk a lot lower...


However, has your partner actually been blood tested for HSV1? Because Herpes isn't included in STD panels unless you *specifically* ask for it... and 80% of the population already has oral HSV1...


Personally, I wouldn't consider it a big enough risk to go on anti-virals... but that is a very individual choice. If either of you are going to be overly worried about the risks, I'd go on them at least until you both can sit back and think clearly (once the original hormones wear off..LOL )

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Thanks so much. I was thinking of getting on suppresive therapy just to protect my gf. I don't even care if I;m all zoned out all the time and feel like crap lol . Iv'e had this for 3 months now I know I am shedding more than usual since my body hasn't built up 100% antibodies and I am most contagious now. Correct me If I am wrong but since Ghsv1 sheds only 3 to 5% of the time and if I was to get on antivirals then it would reduce it to 1.5 -2.5 % ? I know antivirals reduce shedding by half so that's how I came up with that. If i use condoms then that would reduce it by another 40 to 50%? . The reason I ask is because I am going probably not going to wear a condom if i receive oral sex , sorry to be so graphic but I am just being honest. This is why I am thinking of getting on antivirals.

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HSV1 normally resides in the oral region so I really suggest that maybe as of now you should try suppressive therapy since you will not be using a condom during oral sex to reduce the risk of spreading it to your girlfriend, especially since you are shedding more than usual. better to be safe than sorry. my ex got HSV1 from having oral sex.

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Nothing is too graphic here... it's the only way we can give you good info!


Your numbers are theoretically correct given the info we have ... what I tell people is that a well lived life assumes RISK ... just look at cars... we get in them every day and risk injury or death, but we don't think twice about it. And sometimes shit happens. And all you can do is figure out what safety methods you feel will make YOU and those who ride with you to feel/be safe. And then you have to accept any consequences that come along....


You can see my thoughts on that here:



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