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False negative herpes test or something else?

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I'm back. A couple weeks ago I got a bump in my pubic region. This is the 4th time this has happened in the past 18 months. The first 3 bumps were all in the same place, this one was an inch or so to the side. The bumps are red and all look like boils. I've squeezed one of em and white puss came out like a pimple but it took a long time to heal. As well, they are irritated when they rub against my belt line for the first couple of days.

The first bump came 3 months after sexual contact. I got a blood test (no swab) and it came out negative. 15 months after the sex I got another igg blood test (no swab) and that was negative as well.

The bumps don't burst like herpes are apparently supposed to. They also don't secrete a yellow or clear fluid. They don't ulcer, they don't develop in stages. It just looks like a red boil that gradually gets smaller.


How common are false negatives for an igg test 3 months and 15 months post exposure?

What could this be?

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The igg test sensitivity varies by the type of blood test but it's pretty good at this point. In the 90% accurate rate for most of the tests. Have you considered boils? I have a friend that gets boils in the groin area regularly. Also I had a roommate who had MRSA and it started out looking like boils. I'd say your best bet is to see a doctor and get them swabbed to be sure.

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Years ago I had a boil like bump that would appear inside my labia minora. Most times it would make a head and if squeezed, white stuff came out and it would get smaller. Couple times it went aeay completely. Finally went to gyno. He said it was a clogged sick and he put a slit and was able to drain completely. Never came back. He also said to wash with antibacterial siap once a week. In your case, it doesnt sound like herpes. Epson salt in a very warm cotton ball or cloth might bring it to a head faster. Have a doc check it out.

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Agree with the above - doesn't sound like Herpes to me. If it's where the button is on your jeans it could also be a Contact Dermatitis reaction to the nickle in the button. Or to the soap you use if the pants are not getting fully rinsed.


Next time you get one, get to a Dermatologist and have them swab them for bacteria ... it could easily be the above, or boils/adult acne/MRSA/etc....



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Dancer makes a great point about the nickle, ad myself am allergic to nickel.


I have only ever seen one person take up to 6 months to finally come up positive on their blood test, but they knew they had it due to the burning, tingling, redness, but never any sores... Can't really see someone going as long as you have w no antibodies.

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