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On suppressive medication but suddenly sore again

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I was diagnosed a couple of months ago after 6 months of 24/7 burning, soreness tingling. Went to my gp during a particularly painful bout and she noticed blisters. A positive herpes result from her swabs actually made me happy as I could at long last understand what had been going on all this time. After taking the anti viral meds I felt fantastic and pain free. She (and I) decided the best course of action was suppressive meds for a while. Have felt better and better until a week ago when the old itchy sore symptoms reappeared. They have got steadily worse until I now feel as though I'm having a breakout but there are no blisters. So my question is, is it normal when on anti viral meds to still have bad periods of pain which indicates that the meds can't totally control everything. My other question is please can someone reassure me that it will get better. Sex has been impossible for 9 months due to the pain. My husband is of course patient and understanding but I want to return to our wonderful sex life again one day. Btw, my hubby gave it to me. He caught it before we met and told me straight away ie on first date. I had no problem at all with this and assumed I would one day catch it. So, I have no feelings of anger shame etc. I just want to be without pain. Thx for any advice/ support in advance.

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Hi @KTK, I can only speak from a male perspective and been on suppressive meds for a while that you will get OB's from time to time and they will diminish over time so yes theoretically it will get better, I also take vitamin b which seems to assist, as you will read in many posts others have success with other supplements and vitamins so you should experiment and see what works for you, including certain foods etc hope this helps ;)

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, the "bad" news is we can't tell you if/when things will subside for YOU ...because Herpes generally doesn't follow any set rules about how it works in each person's body (despite what Dr's and many websites/google images will make you believe). However, most people's bodies get a grip on it within 6 months to a year.


So, have you been back to the OBGYN to make sure it's not a yeast or bacterial infection? I'd get that checked out, just in case it's not the Herpes acting up.


For the herpes itself, what other things are you doing to try to control it? I find it's best to attack it both internally and externally ... the more you can do to help to keep OB's from getting out of control, the better the body can step up to do it's job.


Internally, besides the anti-virals, you can try L-Lysine, B and C vitamins, and I know others will chime in with what they take to help their own bodies.


Externally, things like Epsom Salts Baths, using a blow drier to dry the skin, going commando, etc, will help to dry the area out which discourages the virus ... I'll include a set of links to discussions and blogs about what has helped people on here.


And for now, if you are not already doing this, use this time to find other ways to get yer freak on with the hubby... Herpes can be a great excuse to try other things in the bedroom... I'll include a link where we discussed that also... :)






http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/6024/dealing-with-outbreaks#latest includes links below






Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://amzn.to/1CHUzZE Link to Alum


http://amzn.to/1F10r3V Fractionated Coconut Oil

http://bit.ly/zincsoap Zinc Soap with coconut oil










http://www.sandiegohomeopathy.com/downloads/Lysine_Arginine_Foods.pdf Lysine Arginine ratio of foods


Other ways to play when having an OB


http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/5807/list-the-ways-to-protect-my-partner-from-getting-herpes-hsv2 Safe alternatives to sex



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@2legit2quit I have had a few partners who have wanted to just catch it from me and be done with it! Not everyone runs for the hills :)

@KTK over time the OB's will get better...Hard to say how long that will be but it won't be this bad forever. As dancer said, try other things in the bedroom. I have had OB's in all different places on my genitals and anus and at times they were pretty painful but I did find that as long as I wasn't causing friction right on the OB's, the stimulation made the pain subside during sexual play. Lots of sex toys in my collection... I use them based on what's going on down south but I have never stopped sexual play for longer than a few weeks. Give it a try!

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@Legit2Quit yep..... Herpes has never scared any partner off in my experience. I have been lucky that way. A big part of that "luck" is my own confidence and attitude towards myself and the virus. I have had my share of worries when disclosing but I never once believed that a rejection of the virus would have been a rejection of ME. Depending on where a relationship is at, some people may choose not to take the risk and that's OK. In my case, I knew the men well and they knew me well and as a result they were ALL in! They wanted me and we're prepared for whatever that meant. After a while (of protected sex and suppressive meds) these men stopped caring whether they got herpes or not and actually didn't see it as a big deal. They wanted to contract it so I could stop worrying!! I was more concerned about giving it to them than they were concerned about getting it. The man I am with now is declining the use of condoms and doesn't care if I'm having prodrome symptoms. He has decided he is going to get it and is just not worrying about it! I am still on valtrex but he doesn't want me to be, I am on it because it has made a huge difference in my OB frequency. I have had herpes for over 15yrs and the quality of life for ME on the medication is worth staying on it for a while. Life goes on with herpes, you adjust and you get on with living. It doesn't define you and won't make you unwanted or unlovable. We all have out issues and imperfections, herpes is hardly something you should allow to get in the way of true happiness. @KTK is a prime example..... she is adapting to the physical symptoms of herpes after contracting it from her husband but once the OB's are under control, life will be the SAME or even better. Herpes can actually act as a unifying element in our lives and bring us closer..... look at what happens every day on this forum. People come together and support each other in ways they would have never received support if they didn't have herpes and find themselves here.

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Quite right @fitgirl! There would be no issue if this was a virus that effected our feet! It's just the sexual element that makes it taboo. As soon as I can reduce my symptoms and start feeling better I won't give a hoot about it. I would be happy to tell anyone. On the other hand my husband suffered mental anguish for years when he caught it and is still ashamed to an extent. My only fear is that I will be one of the few who seem to suffer for years. I'm very grateful for all the responses to my post. What a fantastic support group!

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My only fear is that I will be one of the few who seem to suffer for years.


That's why it's so important to learn to attack it both from the inside (supplements, diet, mental health) and outside (using the many things we list here that help to dry it up and soothe the area) ASAP ... because I find that once you learn how to control it so at least *some* extent, a lot of the mental anguish lets up ... AND, the body can then do a better job of gaining control if we stop the virus from getting the upper hand because then it (the body) can expend it's energy developing antibodies rather than just trying to knock it down ;)


And the reality is, you will see all the worst case scenarios on sites like this because the millions who have it and have minimal or no symptoms are more likely to either just deal with it, or come here and lurk and get the message they need that helps them without feeling the need to come and add to the discussions .... so for every person who comes on here, remember there are THOUSANDS who never post... we get over 35k hits a month on here .... and it's more likely that the ones who really need physical/emotional support will be the ones who post the most :)


So believe me when I say odds are your symptoms will ease over time ... maybe not as fast as you would like, but keep trying all the things we have in those Treatment posts until you find the one that works for YOU ... I'm an Alum and Commando girl myself, that's what works for ME .... and knowing that I can control it that way takes all the angst out of an OB for me :)


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QWcsdancer2010 you are so wise. Thx so much for your on going support. I'm already taking vitamins to boost immune system due to advice from this forum.And have ordered fractionated coconut oil :-) With me I need to learn as much as I can about this virus and then take charge by doing everything I can to combat it. So happy to have found this community. X

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