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Good, Nonjudgmental Doc in Houston Area?

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Wonder if anyone knows a good doctor in the Houston or Galveston area (I live in between), to go to for good care for HSV. I just returned from a so called expert's office, second visit, he is not aware of recent clinical trials or relevant publications, although they conduct clinical trials in his office, and his medical assistant acted disgusted because I have herpes (It's a dermatology office). So, in other words, I need a doc who is nonjudgemental and is aware of new information relatively quickly after publication in scientific journals.


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, I only tell people to go to a dermatologist if they are having a lot of problems with skin issues that don't seem to be playing by the book ... they are really, truly not well versed in Herpes issues.


You need to see an OBGYN ... they are the "Vaginas R Us" of the medical world and they know as much or more than any other specialty. My second choice would be Planned Parenthood (and that's my #1 choice for men) .. followed by Immunologist. All these groups *should* be non-judgemental because they will be dealing with Herpes on a much more frequent basis and they will be MUCH more used to dealing with it than a skin Dr. Yes, herpes is a "skin" issue, but medically it's seen as a sexual issue first, then as a viral/communicable virus, and THEN as a skin condition.


As for finding a Dr that is on top of the Herpes info, well, I hope you can find one that really takes that much interest in Herpes ... but even with OBGYN's they often don't follow it THAT closely.


You may want to check out the Houston Support Group ... you can ask people there who they recommend :)


Houston HELP

Houston, TX

(866) 841-9139 FREE x 2551 (toll-free)

E-mail: HoustonHELP@yahoo.com

Web: www.houstonhelp.org

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Thank you for your reply. I have been looking into finding a good doc, I want to create a new discussion with info that may be helpful to people here. Again, thank you. I feel very fortunate to have found this forum, and I would like to contribute additional info that others may find helpful.

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