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waiting on herpes test results...but yeah

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I always recommend to at least be on meds the first 6 months to a year mainly, after initial diagnosis. It will eventually go away, but give your body a break to figure it out, after it's gotten use to this new invader for several months.

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I have mixed feelings about the meds ... I certainly didn't have the option when I got it and I wonder how that might have changed things for me... but I also believe that the body needs to learn how to deal with it... and I think the answer is different for everyone and their particular situation with regards to severity of their OB's, work, emotions, etc.


However, I STRONGLY suggest that you start using all those links we have given you with regards to other things you can do to reduce the pain and OB's ... seriously... attacking it from the outside is a HUUUUUGE help for most ... and it will help you to start to feel a sense of control over the virus.


Top things that consistently come up as helpful:


Epsom Salts Baths ... drop an handful of the salts right down by the lady-bits ... soak at leat 15 min, then use a Blow Drier on low to dry the area completely off. Do this right after exercise if you can as well ...


If you use Bactine put it on then after a few minutes, I'd pat/blow dry the area because moisture seems to make the virus feel right at home. Again, if you can't bathe/shower immediately, I'd use the Bactine. It's the exact same stuff as the Oragel Single Dose for cold sores (which is ridiculously expensive) meaning it's a great anti-viral topical spray with a lidocaine agent to numb the area.


Go commando as much as possible.


L- Lysine helps many. Worth a try. Certainly won't hurt


My go to (which is in that list) has always been Ammonium Alum ...dries the SOB right up for me in 1-2 doses... I just put some of the powder right on the OB ... if it's an open wound you will dance around the room a bit, but I'll take that if it means killing the little bastards quickly :)


There are tons of things people use and take in that list ... maybe write yourself a short list of all the ones that catch your eye so you have a quick go-to if you are away from home and feel something popping up too...



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Howdy,I heard my name said three times and like Beetlejuice was compelled to appear. So Central florida support groups.




that link should help contact the admins for a SECRET meetup page. make yourself a meetup.com profile, use a gmail account if you need. they will ask that you give a real name and pic on the sites profile ( this is somewhat confusing as there is a profile for meetup in general And ONE FOR EACH GROUP YOU JOIN { and remember you plan on actually meeting these people face to face}) AND YES ITS SECRET! I am in Clearwater. there is a group in the Tampa area and one in Orlando. both are social and emotional support. I am a member of the Orlando one but have never attended any functions as that is 1 1/2 hrs away. the woman who runs it is a really nice person who talked me off the ledge soon after I got my diagnosis. Orlando has a 1x a month support meeting and tons of social events.


As to the tampa area, we currently have 2 support meetings, one in Sarasota and one in Pinellas ( so far in oldsmar area and Clearwater) the latter every 3 weeks. the Sarasota is new and im not sure how often they will meet. we also have tons of events, from dancing, live music, beach parties etc. I will say I have been to both and the social events really helped a lot with feeling normal and that life goes on. We have several long time Heeps (30 years plus). There is a secret facebook page for more spontaneous gatherings ( should have seen it during the Stanley cup finals). I have met some very good heeps there and its quite honestly increased my social life quite a bit ( when I let it).

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