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U know something. Today and last night I kinda frightened myself abit. I was on a website about herbal remidies that can stop syptoms of an OB, for example drinking Aloe Vera and Pomorgranate & Dandileon Juice. Also I found out that oils and topical creams are probably not a good idea, only unless a doctor has prescibed you it and that is very rarely.


But anyway ever since I have joined this (h) forum for the past few days I have felt to positive and so lucky that something like this has completley changed me as a person, like the way I think, act and just everything in general has really changed for me. Im not saying im happy I have herpes but what I'm saying is im going to be a happy 18 year old girl who is going to live her life with the additional help of 2 cold sore every now and again. Being diagnosed hith HSV-2 has really put me through pain but has changed me into a better person. As they say a blessing in disguise.


Anyway back on the subject being diagnosed with Herpes also made me realise how important it is to practise safe sex whether you have an STI or not. In general all people who are sexually active should be practising safe sex because after my little dig around some of the things I read truamitsed me and scared the living crap out of me, u know i was sitting there praying I didn't have anything like HIV/AIDS, Gonnoreha and you know the... This really opened my eyes and made me realise that this time I was lucky, next time round I may not of been so lucky. And also the thing I think about now is, how far will my honesty get me, will there be someone who is honest with me about something they have or could I be silly enough to put myself in that trap again. Of course not. Im now to smart to ever be in that situation again.


As a person I have now made a decision that I will always use condoms and I will only have unprotected sex when I decide to have children and tbh im going to use Christianity as a help here (not preaching) just saying that until I decide to make a little life with someone I will spend the rest of my life with there will always be a rubber on the end of it and yes, I may also consider investing in femidoms, when I know where and how to get a hold of them. Being extra safe now, not just for myself but for the one that i love too, wouldn't want to make another trip to the GUM clinic with another set of symtoms. I'd rather be safe than sorry.


I don't want people to think im being OTT but as a question do you think i could lose somebody or make a relationship complicated by always using condoms? I know at some stage in a long-term relationship you will want to start having unprotected sex. What do we think?


It's never too late to make changes. Stay positive and you will feel and be positive.

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Hi Butterfly... hey you aren't being OTT, there's more than H out there and I am like you, will always use condoms unless with a long term relationship we make the decision not to.

As for loosing someone or make a relationship complicated by using condoms...I think there are more things that can do that than a rubber. If you lost someone over that then best they go... and complicated?...only if you think it is :-).

I loved reading your post...so positive (and I know it's not always easy) and authentic. Thanks for posting... yeah in so many ways H can be a blessing in disguise in terms of discovering who you are and growing in character...awesome that you are getting it too. x

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You are so welcome honey...I am glad you feel better. It's all about reframing the negative things we tell ourselves..it's and art and a discipline. And it's always lovely to see someone practising it too, when I KNOW it isn't easy! But it's worth it...I kind of think would I rather feel good than shitty...and if I want to feel good then I have to start planting good thoughts - simple as that :-).

You are right, its never too late to make changes and stay positive and you will feel and be positive...and when you need a boost or a kick to get there come on here and there is always someone to help you get on track :-).

I feel really lucky to have found this site because there has been times when I needed support...and its such a privilege to give that to someone else when they need it. Big hug..you are gorgeous. x

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