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Great Success!!! A little action? Yes please!! Lol

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So, I'm about 5 weeks into this new life of mine since being diagnosed with h. I have started eating healthy, swimming laps an hour a day, spending time with great friends and family, and I am ready to take on the world! I cannot believe the power of positive energy. H really is life changing....I'm committed to making that life change a positive one. :)


I had disclosed to my closest friends right from day one (both male and female), and I also disclosed to all of the partners I had been with since my giver and I split...all of which took the news exceptionally well. One of my best guy friend's and I have started a Wednesday night beers sort of tradition and this past week, I guess the beer flowed pretty abundantly hahaha. I had cried to him on many occasion in the beginning, but this past week he ended up back at my place after our night out. We didn't have intercourse, but we definitely fooled around. I was a little in shock. I even stopped him at first, trying to avoid any intimacy at all...he stopped me, told me he doesn't care...exhale...really!?!? Lol yesssss. We won't be starting a relationship, but it felt so nice to be touched again, and to be held all night. He made me feel sexy again, desired...like a woman. Then on Saturday night, I get a message from a recent partner I actually had to call and disclose to and he says he can't wait to hook up again! Huh?!? I asked him if he remembered that talk we had about me having h and he says "don't be foolish (along some pretty vulgar bedroom talk lol). He's really not concerned. I mean I always had an inkling that my bedroom skills weren't horrible, but I convinced myself that no one else would ever want to find out....I was DEAD wrong!


I'm not ready for intercourse yet, I'm saving that for someone really great. Believe it or not my giver also contacted me recently and wanted to see me. The stress of dealing with him has brought on ob #2. It's just the very beginning (just noticed it a cpl of hours ago) and I'm trying to avoid the valcyclovir by upping my l lysine supplements. Think that might do it? I love that my h even tells me who I should and shouldn't be wasting my time on....best a$$hole filter EVER! ;) Oh H, thank you for getting rid of that idiot magnet I've had jammed up my butt for years!! Lol

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Bright Eyes,


haha. I read your post with a big smile on my face :D

It's amazing how easy it is to make up stories that people will look at us differently, and then come to find out just how wrong we are!

Herpes doesn't change your beauty and lovable persona. It's plain to see :)


and yes- Herpes really does help with filtering out the genuine guys from the rest. It can be a great tool for that ;)


*happy jig*



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Thanks for sharing; awesome that you're past the unhappy camper state and embracing life. Herpes is indeed the ultimate douchebag filter :) If my new interest who I'm on the verge of disclosing to cannot see past H, especially given the circumstance by which i acquired it, then it's not meant to survive all the additional challenges that we are going to face if this thing goes forward.

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