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Holistic H medicine

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ok...I am one week into this new "discovery" and i just got back from seeing my Dr and discussing my options...I really really want to not take any drugs..i did take a prescription to fill "just in case" but would like to keep my OB's down with diet and such. Is there anyone else that is doing that..changing the way you eat, yes to some things, no to others, certain exercises, supplements, something what will help me to not have to take the drugs...I will of course if I have to ..but my experience in the past is that drugs and I do not get along very well and i am trying there for to avoid any if I can.

So all you wonderful H friends out there..i am open and ready for all advice. Bring it on!!!

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Hi Blessing,


well i actually tried to live without drugs now over the last 17 month but it didnt worked

out for me because´i have a cronical disease.

But actually i know people who dont take any medication and they live without any outbreaks since years .IT always depense on your immun system,if you healthy woman then you can go without it.You can try some natural treatment like taking l-lysine,(+ basic diat),bach flower or eat every day with virgin cocout oil(which at least stoped my outbreaks on the mouth).

I think you should give it a try and see how its running for you, if you dont show symtoms .....perfect.Wish you good luck :) Judith

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Hey Blessing55... I am really very glad reading that you do not want to continue with the prescription from your Doctor. Although, consulting a Doctor in such case is important, but until and unless you are not following the rules made by you( About Diet, Exercise...) healing from any disease can be very difficult.

If possible, then you can go with Holistic remedies. I have read about hypericum mysorense and nosodes.You can use medications having them as ingredients. (I am just emphasizing Natural medications).

Do a research and hopefully you will get what you want...


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