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How long should your first herpes outbreak last?

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So I'm experiencing what I believe is my first outbreak and of course I thought it was a yeast infection. Took medicine, cleared it up, had sex with a condom, tingling and burning started again. Took yeast infection medicine again after I learned of the herpes diagnosis from a blood test. So I tingled and burned for 7 days, still no sores and on the second day 3rd day of reoccurring tingling I began Valtrex. Tingling went away after about 5 days, my partner then checked me with a latex glove and almost immediately tingling resumed. So this has been going off and on since 02/13/13. Should an outbreak last this long or could I have a latex allergy. I've had problems with hemorrhoids before my diagnosis and now I can't determine if it's just my normal hemorrhoids or an outbreak. Needless to say my mind and body are all over the place. Will I ever be able to differentiate an outbreak from a yeast infection or a hemorrhoid. And again how long does an outbreak last?

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I encourage you to do some research, tingling doesn't just come from outbreaks... It comes from viral shedding as well. Your body sheds pieces of the virus through your genital tract, you can also be contagious during this time. The first outbreak is typically the most severe one you will ever have, but everyone is different.


An outbreak is sores, blisters. They open up and crust over eventually and heal. a yeast infection is not on your skin (though I realize your skin may itch) look for the other symptoms too - the discharge etc. You may have also built an immunity to diflucan or whatever yeast medication you're taking, or even have a medication resistant yeast infection strain (which is why there is so many news stories right now about how people need to just stop throwing back antibiotics).


Some suggestions to discuss with your health care provider for reoccurring yeast infections:

-boric acid treatment

-diflucan/generic 4-6 day treatment (once a day)


If you don't think you're getting the answers you need, ask for another docs opinion. or go to a gyno instead of just a general doc.


Also, if your blood test is positive, you've had herpes for at least 3-6 months... possibly longer. Typically people find out from culture tests first and blood tests don't become positive for months. Also know, a lot of people have herpes and don't get symptoms. It's possible to never have an outbreak in your life and be positive. everyone is different and the only thing that will help you learn YOUR experience is time.


If you feel constantly itchy (for me, my body itches, arms legs, scalp) think about daily suppressant therapy. Take an active role, do your research, learn, know the facts. It's the only way you'll ever have peace of mind.


The medication regimen for a first outbreak is 10 days for acyclovir - 3 times a day @ 400mg/pill = 1200mg/day. Daily suppressant therapy all the time with or without symptoms is typically 2-400mg acyclovir pills a day = 800mg.


The duration of outbreaks vary from person to person and the sooner you begin taking your meds during an outbreak the sooner it will clear. They ay outbreaks last anywhere from 2-14 days. A week or so with meds, depends how severe and if it's your first or your 50th. Your body builds up immunity over time.

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I just had my first outbreak as well, and it's been about 2 weeks since the start of it. Mind started with what I thought was a cut on my rear end from shaving. Then, it got very itchy and burned a bit. When the red swelled skin went down, the sores showed up. I had about 6 in total, all close to my "taint" area. They are healing now, but the cluster closest to the opening of my butt is taking longer. I have a lot of nerve pain down my left leg all the way to my heal, it even hurts to walk. The existing sores are still a bit painful, like an open cut. It sucks, but im hoping most people are right and that the first outbreak is the worst. If that is true, I believe I can make it through this herpes thing...as long as it doesnt show up on my face!! You and I should talk more since we both just started this. We might be able to help each other!

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I just found out 2 days ago that I have gh! I actually had no symptoms then one day I was wiping and felt one.I thought oh well its probably just an infected hair or something from shaving the next day I had some bumps around my rectum...the only time they bothered me was at night...they would start itching really bad and I couldn't sleep.it took me several days to admit to myself that it was time to go to the doctor.I was scared and ashamed.now my sores have opened I guess at least that's how itfeels...I'm in so much pain out hurts to move it hurts to walk I just want to curl up in a ball until it passes.I haven't had the courage yet to talk to anyone I know about this issue.I'm dealing with it alone and I don't even know how to feel about it.but I'm with dtlm444...if its true that the first is the worst I will be able to conquer this...hoping that at this point its almost over.I'm about a week into my outbreak...I hope its over soon!

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