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How long does an outbreak last? Seems to spread...lost and confused

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On February 20 I had a culture taken at my gynos office in my genital area and it was tested positive for hsv1. Took meds it seems to be a bit better. I still get tingling feeling and I notice white marks in the area. About a 1.5 weeks ago my upper lips broke out it seems to finally be healing slowly. Just last night I noticed little white bumps that almost look like white heads in my bikini line. Does this mean it is spreading? I thought I was done. I'm not on valtrex, as I took the prescribed doses and I'm done. Right now I'm choosing not to take suppressive meds, I want to see how I do on my own. Not sure if that's a good idea or not. About 3 days ago I started to to take 1000mg of Lysine. I read this helps. I'm lost confused uncertain and I want to make sure I'm doing everything right. When I wash the genital area I use latex gloves and I'm using the brand Jason to wash. Please help

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Hi Max,


You won't know for sure if the bumps on your bikini line are herpes unless you get them swabbed and cultured at the clinic. And no, it's not spreading unless you somehow spread the liquid within one of your mouth blisters and then rubbed it down at your bikini line (and why would you want to do that, right?). If you do have genital herpes, then you probably got it from someone else who has outbreaks around that same area on their body. The fact that you might be having simultaneous outbreaks on your lip and your genitals doesn't mean it's spreading. It just means the outbreaks are happening at the same time. By the way, you don't have to use latex gloves when you wash. You aren't a crime scene. ;) Be careful but not paranoid! But I remember those days assuming that I was so contagious that even if I breathed I'd spread herpes to every part of my body and everyone else's, too! Just so you know, soap kills the virus on contact. So if you do happen to touch a herpes blister, just wash your hand afterwards with soap before you touch anywhere else. It's actually very hard to auto-inoculate (pass herpes from one part of your body to another). You have to try pretty hard to be successful at it. :) You are not a walking disease factory. Know that, okay? And your body is now in a process of building up antibodies for herpes. Take care of your body other than just taking meds, too. That will help. Exercise. Eat well. Think positive thoughts. Be holistically healthy. Love yourself. ;) Big hugs!

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Thanks Adrial. It's difficult I'm new at this. I've never had an std before and it just happens that my first is a keeper. I have never been promiscuous at all and I'm only 27. I'm really scared to see how my body and herpes will live together. I want to have a normal sex life when I meet the right person. I enjoy sex like any other person does.


I'm always stressed with family, work and life. I am working on managing this. Yesterday I freaked out, I went to my little cousins bday party. As soon as I walkin the door my aunt, whom I live with, asks "what do u have on your lip. I've been trying to figure that out". Mind you it's finally getting better its taken over 7 days and still recovering :(. I freaked out and got paranoid. I made sure not to kiss anyone hello, I'm Latin and live in south Florida. Lots of kisses are exchanged.


I have to start exercising and eating better. Since my first visit to the gyno I've lost like 10lbs. I was very nervous with my follow up assuming the worse.


I'm also confused as to who I got this from. I ended my relationship of almost two years end of December. With him we would use condoms on an off, which I sooooo regret, But I know the condoms only protect so much with herpes. Then end of January I hooked up twice with an old friend. He seems to be very cautious and he claims he never tested positive for anything. In fact he was tested in jan. he claims I was the only person he was with for 2013. Both times when we had sex there was a condom. And from what I can recall I don't believe I received any oral from him on both occasions and I didn't give any. Sorry if this is TMI. I asked my gyno if she thought I could have gotten this from my ex and she said not really since my results showed a low count. All though in the last year I was having issues down under but I was told it was just bacteria/ yeast. Not sure if these were minor breakouts or nothing.


I am not daily suppressive meds, I want to see if this is a once in a blue moon occurrence. Not sure if this is the right decision. What do you think?


I purchased lysine and I am taking 1k mg a day to see if this helps. I am waiting on my coconut oils and plan on using that everywhere. I'm still feeling irritated in my genitals, not sure if I have another infection of some sort. But I soaked in the tub with vinegar. And tonight I plan on soaking in an oatmeal bath. If by the middle of the week I'm still irritated I plan making another appt with the gyno. I've contributed so much money to the doctors it's pretty depressing. Thank god for my job and having health insurance. I hope I always have it.


Sorry for rambling on but I needed to vent.

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Be careful about how much you're doing with various baths etc. maybe try something per breakout or every couple days to see what works best? Schweitzers formula is amazing and domeboro (made by bayer). Epsom salt baths are great too, just be cautious about irritating anything.


My best advice is to learn as many facts as you can about the virus that has made a home in your body -- knowledge is power. Lysene is an amino acid that definitely help, also recommend a pre natal pill, vitamin C and zinc... All of those will contribute to keeping your immunity high to fight herpes.


Exercise. Eat well. Sleep (try some melatonin time release if you're feeling anxious), maybe do some research about 5HTP it's a supplement that is a mood stabilizer and could help reduce the highs and lows. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND BE INFORMED.


Stick to the facts and skip the horror stories about herpes. And come to places like this when you need someone to lean on. Forgive yourself, give yourself time to cope, but most importantly don't let this victimize you. You are strong nd beautiful and I recommend you tell yourself that every day.

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