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On feb 20 I was diagnosed with hsv1 due to a sore in my genital area. I was but on meds for about 10 days. A few days before my follow up I broke out on my upper lip. I went to my gyno to get my blood work results she didn't see my genitals. She put me on a high dose of meds for three days. My original sore seems to be better. I still have some itchiness, tingling, irritable feeling. My upper lips seems to be getting better still have the tingling and itch feeling there. Just last night I noticed what looks like a white head on my bikini area. It seems that one area is getting better and then another area is breaking out. This is frustrating. About three days ago I started taking lysine as I read this can help. Is this normal or should I call my dr? Has anyone used lysine or even coconut oil? I placed an order of coconut oil has I read it helps with break outs too. I am not on daily suppressive therapy as I want to see how my body does, I'm hoping well with one breakout every few years.

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hi Max_G,

i dont take L-lysine (didnt helped for me ) but i do take coconut oil, i eat all my meals with the oil and if i have an outbreak, i even put it on the area of the outbreak.........it helps ,it help to heal the infected area much faster.I have herpes 1 too and i have to say that it always spreading out on diffrent areas,i usually dont have outbreaks on the same place, it change every time.well but one of the good things on herpes 1 is that its not that aggressiv like version 2 ,i know its frustrating and annoying but your body will learn to control it after a while.

Sorry i dont know the brand jason because i am from europe but most important is that you eat healphy,eat lot of veggies and stuff like that.Maybe try to eat your meal with coconut oil, at beginning i didnt liked the taste but i got used to it.

I dont use latex gloves when i shower ,i only be carefull at the times i have an outbreak....i try not to touch the area with a towel or my hands,thats all.

Wish you good luck, enjoy your weekend.Big hug Judith

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