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leg and nerve pain!

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So I am just healing from my very first herpes outbreak, and from the start (about 2 weeks or so ago) I started having pain in my tail bone and left leg. The outbreak is on my left rear end inner area. Sometimes the pain runs down to my heal. Does anyone else deal with this and is it normal???? It's almost like a sciatic pain, but also involves the skin...very sensitive to the touch...even if it's no where near the OB sight. Any info will help! Thanks!

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Hey dltm,


I also get pain down the backs of my legs since my first ob about 2 months ago (well 2nd ob, if you count my first cold sore that appeared 2 weeks ago). It's like a dull ache, but sometimes sharp shooting pain. I'm pretty sure it is a sign of prodrome for me....and could be the same for you. I have googled "nerve pain from herpes" and "sacral ganglia", and it seems that it is very common to have pain down the legs or in the lower back due to herpes and where it lies dormant in the nerves of the lower back.


Hope that helps a little?

Bright Eyes :)

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Prodrome are the symptoms we experience when viral shedding occurs (when we experience no symptoms, but the body is still shedding the virus and is contagious) or in the days/hours before we have an outbreak (tingle, burning sensations).

Sacral ganglia is the group of nerve cells at the base of the spine where the herpes virus lays dormant...when the virus is acting up, often times we get the ache in the nerves of our legs that stem from the group of nerve endings in the spine. If you google it, it will probably be able to explain it better than I can lol.


Brighteyes :)


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thanks brighteyes.

i hate all of this...i feel like a jackass for even dealing with all of this. I am 35 years old and a mother of 2 young girls...what example have I set???!! Im so ashamed of myself, and so confused about this whole thing. My giver claims he never had herpes. I believe him because he was honest about once having chlamidia ( i think i spelled that wrong). Im spinning!

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What do you mean what kind of example have you set? What are you assuming that you are setting example-wise? It sounds like you're going along with the stigma? Maybe you're assuming you're setting an example of you being dirty or something? What part of the stigma are you owning as true when really it's just an unfair cultural story? It's up to you what you choose to take on as true for yourself, and therefore what example you set to your children. Remember, too, that it's how you respond to the situations in your life that sets the example, not that the situations themselves, right?

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Adrial, I am feeling like an irresponsible woman...having sex with a person when I knew better. The problem lies in my marraige and that I fell in love with my giver, and he in love with me. When I speak of setting examples for my girls, I mean by being an unfaithful wife and contracting an STD, and possibly to my faithful loyal Husband. Its hard to see my life being anything like what it was before. I am wondering what every sensation means...every bump, itch, etc is of concern now. I love sex...especially spontanious sex with passion! I feel like now I need to wrap myself in plastic wrap and sanitize myself and my partner before, during and after sex. That takes all of the passion and enjoyment out of it. I have always felt good about myself until now. I lost all self confidence and hope for a happy life. I fear that I will end up looking like a freak as well as feeling like one. I am trying to understand this virus better, but im getting very little information about my concerns. Im so scared for my future. Im scared im going to pass it to my kids when I kiss them goodnight or bath them. I put my whole family in danger of getting an STD by being so selfish. Im not sure I can get through this.

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I'm glad you're feeling all this so deeply. It means you actually give a shit. If you didn't care, then you wouldn't be feeling all of these feelings. Your depth of caring runs in tandem to how much of a reaction you have toward the things you've done. Don't let your mistakes be the reason you shame yourself and beat yourself up more; let your mistakes be wakeup calls to how you want to change your behaviors to more closely match you and your own values.


I know I've messed up in the past. Whew, have I ever! ;) And it's what I've done with my mess-ups that have determined my character and how I've grown. When I ignore what my mistakes are there to teach me, I invariably repeat the mistakes until I learn. It sounds to me like there's a big opportunity for you to grow from this and make future decisions that will impact you and those around you in a more positive way. Don't let your mistakes continue because they happened. Let them shape you into who you already know yourself to be.


Also, if you need a coaching session, private message me. You need a good ol' fashioned perspective shift to get you through this. Because this is certainly something I know you can get through. And as far as passing herpes to your children when you kiss them goodnight? Do your research on how to pass herpes. It doesn't spread like that unless you have active lesions. Be careful, but not paranoid. Knowledge is power. Lack of knowledge leads to paranoia.



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Welcome : ))))!!!! I'm glad you found us!!! Ihave had H since the beginning of September and inexperienced the pain you are having girl its so normal!!! Also iknow your in a stressful situation at the moment but try to not stress because that is a trigger to an OB ihave had 4 since September one of them lasted the whole month of December. Don't beat yourself up for what happen everyone makes mistakes!!!! Were all human and kik sorry your going threw this but you will see later on down the road that this will make you stronger. Icontracrdd HSV1 from meeting a random dude and hwe have sex and oral and he passed it onto me only hours imet with him. Iknow what it somewhat feels being guilty because ipassed it onto my now bf who came back into my life and we both knew iwas having an ob and did it anyways. He can't accept he has it and ifeel guilty everyday. Keep your head up girl it gets better :)!!!

Much love


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I only had this with my initial OB, but it was pretty severe leg nerve pain, I couldn't squeeze my thigh without screaming in pain. It only happened once for me, but I do know it can be common during OB's with some individuals. Stay positive! A little leg pain isn't that big of a deal. if its anything like mine it'll decrease and disappear within a week.

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