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Many thanks!

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Hi everyone! First of all, seriously people, you rock!! The courage and beauty on this forum is astounding. I'm so grateful to have been led to Adrial and this community....believe me, it was a long time coming. I had my first outbreak five months into a committed relationship. As you can imagine, there was a lot of questioning, but thankfully no finger pointing. The shame that was unleashed with the diagnosis was unlike anything I'd ever felt before, but instead of dealing with the shame, I shoved it back down. My partner was supportive, and we chose to almost forget about it and move on. I didn't deal with the root emotions, and out of fear, I stayed in that relationship longer than was for my highest good. It's been almost three years since I ended that relationship, and it's taken me this long to work through all the layers of shame and self-hatred....deeper layers than I ever could have imagined a few years ago. It's been a profound spiritual journey. I know now, through my own experience, that herpes was just a manifestation of the guilt and shame that was already there. Deal with that, and herpes becomes powerless. After all my inner work, I'm finally ready for the relationship I deserve. Many thanks to you all for your mirrors of courage and vulnerability....we truly are so connected in Spirit.


In gratitude,


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Thank you so much free2be! Everytime someone like you connects here the courage ab a beauty expands...we really are connected in spirit! So glad are in a higher place now...I will be sending you good vibes for an amazing relationship. I found one at the beginning of this year and it was when I was ready and no sooner...we have to do the work aye?! I am moving in with him in the next few weeks and the universe has designed things for this to happen in ways I never imagined! The biggest hug from me! xx


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Woot woot girlfriend! Congrats on the relationship! I will have me some of those good vibes, thank you very much:) Thanks for such a warm welcome to the forum, and for the awesome relationship mirror. And I LOVE hugs, so thanks for that too!

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