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sooo confused need help

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About 6/7 years ago i remember i got a phone call from my Dr. and they told me that i didn't have herpes but my blood count was high. i didn't know what that meant so i thought nothing of it since they said i didn't have it.


I get checked for StDs every 6 months especially if i get a new partner. and all my test come back negative no one said anything about blood and herpes


so now I've been with same person for the last 4 years and during this time I've been getting irritated by my rectum i thought it was hemroids and chafing one episode was so painful i wanted to die never wanted to go threw that again, i went to the Dr. to show her pictures of that episode, yes i took pictures because i new bout time i have my appointment it will be gone, so anyway i show the pic and she said, oh its just a hair bump and chaffing hair bumps can be be painful too she examine the area and said she didn't see anything.


OK thought nothing of it so now i get another phone call from another Dr. office and they said i don't have the virus, but i have been exposed to it. not knowing what that mean either. do i have it or not? so now i'm freaking out i feel like my life is over at this point. and looking back at these frequent irritations around my rectum i think that i had it all this time and those are herpes outbreaks, i really don't know what to think i need help


i told my boyfriend and he claims he doesn't have anything. is that possible? we haven't had sex in the last 6 months because i move to another state now, i admit i had sex with someone since I've been here we wore protection even though he kept trying to go in without one. so could i just have gotten it? or i been had it? , do i have it? so confused,

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I am right there with you. This sounds very confusing.

I would call the Dr.'s office and have the Doctor explain it to you.

They are saying that you don't have the virus, but you've been exposed to it.. this doesn't make any sense in my mind.

Either the virus is in your blood, or it isn't. The doctor needs to tell you what the answer is. There shouldn't be any gray area.

I'm sorry that you're going through this. It shouldn't be this confusing..

I do promise you though, that no matter what the result is- your life isn't over. That's how I felt when I was first diagnosed, and it's completely not true.

Please keep up posted after you talk with the Dr.!


You can private message me if you want someone to talk to.



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