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Folliculitis or mild herpes OB? help

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Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with HSV2 6 months ago and I had a horrible classic first outbreak. It was textbook and now I am just trying to figure out my body and knowing my prodrome symptoms and OB signs. I haven't had many OB's and was convinced I was having one recently because I was stressed about doing my first disclosure to a guy I am seeing...go figure. (But the disclosure went awesome by the way, he was amazing about it :\"> ) Anyway...when I went in for my annual exam and I asked my Dr. if it was an OB, she said it was not and just a bad case of folliculitis. I think I disagree, but can anyone tell me if you have symptoms similar to this? I had tiny bumps and a kind of itchy rash in my bikini zone area on the upper V zone front part of my thigh on both sides. My Dr. said the sores would be lower than that, but I understand they can be anywhere down there. I was careful shaving and it seemed to clear up and then come back over the week. But I had a lot of red bumps and not all seemed to have hair...ugh! I am wondering if anyone waxes or has done laser in that bikini area so that they can tell the difference between an OB and folliculitis? It seems logical....girls please help me with some advice on if this would help clear up differences between the 2!?!? I have always shaved, but if waxing or laser helps I am totally going to try that....then it eliminates the guessing game. Ideas? Comments?

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Great questions. And unfortunately, I don't have great answers- but wanted to offer what I do know.

Herpes can be anywhere that the virus has been exposed. So, I don't see why it couldn't be on your bikini zone. My friend actually just diagnosed with HSV2 by having a rash right below his belt line. It wasn't even on his penis. He thought that the rash had been caused by his belt buckle being too tight, but then come to find out- it was his first herpes outbreak.


I haven't tried waxing or laser, but I do try to be extra careful now when I shave. It can def. irritate the skin and cause more outbreaks.

In order to differentiate a bit between folliculitis and herpes- folliculitis break open with pus, rather than the thin, clear/yellow fluid that herpes breaks open with. Also, herpes outbreaks are generally tiny blisters that are close together, while folliculitis affects a larger portion of the skin.


Hope this helps!


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Thanks! I was wondering about that...this seemed like a larger skin outbreak and my 1st herpes OB was a small cluster on my inner thigh. I have not seen another cluster like that again...so is that what it will always be for future outbreaks- a cluster of blisters? I still seem to get more rashy looking things and I never see pus or anything. I am still confused. I probably had bikini area irritation/rashes before all of this and never thought twice about it, and now I 2nd guess every little thing! ugh...I just want to be sure so I don't expose my b/f. also...how long do outbreaks usually last?

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