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My right toe is on fire...

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For the last two weeks, I am feeling started to feel strange symptoms. It was like my OB site is extremely cold but hurts at the same time. Minor twitches here and there. Last night the tip of my right toe started to feel like it was on fire. These symptoms show up at night generally, after I sit on a hard surface like a kitchen chair too long. Is it the nerve pain? It is always on my right extremities. When will this end?


Also, I tired to stop taking virals and I started to itch all over my body... again. Like my initial OB. I foolishly thought that my body has a better understanding of this virus now. Well, I guess not. I was just hoping that everthing will go back to normal after two months.


Yesterday I was feeling good and happy. Now, I have a sore throat too and I am thinking something bad is happening to me. Like I catched something worse. Ugh

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Sounds like neuropathy. I've had severe neuropathy for over 7 months now. I experience shooting pains, burning, pins and needles. Temperature changes and crawling sensations. It has spread to my arms and legs now: I'm currently taking gabapentin but I still have bad days. I'm experimenting not taking valtrex as well to see if I'm better on or off it supressively. @janedoe

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I have temperature changes too. And some weird shivering on my back, close to my butt (not all over my body). The nerve pain I am having is managable without the pain killers but it is annoying. It is mostly in my legs. I am hoping things will come down a bit after the first six months. Then I am gonna try and stop taking the meds again. I will absolutely take it when I am in a relationship but if not, I dont wanna continue taking them cause they give me a bad headache. I hope you will feel better too.

I was thinking abt me having oral herpes. I was so young when I got it, I honestly dont remember my first oral ob. Did I have this itchy feeling and nerve pain then too? It is essentially the same virus.

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