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Sound like herpes? help!!

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Hi all. A few months ago I had unprotected sex. In about 2 days I noticed a small red bump in my pelvic area and a day after that I saw two other small red spots (almost flat I think) that had appeared.


I had a swollen lymph on the same side of my groin as the bumps/spots and I felt kind of under the weather. I went to the doc very scared. She looked at them and said definitely not herpes but folliculitis (I had been shaving a lot right before sex)


Because I was so scared She looked inside my vagina and no signs of herpes-- just some discharge which she said could be normal. But she gave me antibiotic shot and a pill (one big dose) because I had had unprotected sex. She tested for chlamydia/gonnorhea and those came back negative. Also no UTI and I didn't have a fever


The lymph node went down in size within hours of taking the antibiotic. (Coincidence?)


I also didn't feel under the weather anymore after going to see her, but maybe it was because she temporarily relieved my anxiety


The same day I went to the doctor, the first bump popped and squirted out just like a pimple (gross! Sorry).


The other two spots felt a little tender if I pressed them and one of them let out just a little hard white stuff (like hard pus) when I squeezed it a few days later. The third spot never really let out anything.


None of the three spots ever itched or were painful. Just a bit tender if I pressed my pelvis around that area


I started to believe the doctors folliculitis diagnosis until two weeks later when my anus hurt on the outside and it was red


I went back to another doc and she said it was a small tag, a hemmoroid--not herpes. She gave me a steroid cream which seemed to help.


Then I read online that a small anal fissure is not a normal symptom of herpes but could be. I had never had an anal fissure before.


I'm really scared that the doctor misdiagnosed me!!!


I did get the herpes blood test done but I think I got it done too soon-- only after a few weeks.


Please help!!


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It doesn't sound like herpes to me. Herpes doesn't pop like a pimple to my knowledge. It's more blister like. Herpes is a virus, so antibiotics wouldn't help any symptoms.


I'm not saying you don't have herpes (A lot of people do and don't even know), but I seriously doubt the symptoms you are experiencing are herpes related. Keep us updated on the test results. And personally, I don't think any good comes over stressing before you know for sure you have something to stress about.

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@mmissouri thank you for your opinion. I really appreciate it. I just wonder because all these weird symptoms came after unprotected sex.

I did get testing done after, but only after a few weeks and from what I read, I didn't wait long enough.


A doctor friend told me that any sort of virus or bacteria could have caused the lymph node swelling.


But a couple weeks later when the hemmoroid came, it made me question all of it.


Would it be normal in a primary OB to get symptoms and then 2/3 weeks later get other symptoms in a new location?


I've never had any of these symptoms since.


Is it normal that they would repeat themselves months later??


The only strange thing I have had since is an episode of more vaginal discharge

Any further opinion?

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You can always get tested again in to ease your mind. And you're doctor friend is right, both viruses and bacteria can cause lymph swelling. I just meant that if it was H related, antibiotics would not have helped your symptoms. Odds are if it was H you would be battling it often until your immune system got it under control. I really don't think the symptoms you are experiencing are from herpes.


As for the discharge, It can be caused by many things (and keep in mind discharge changes as well, it could be completely normal unless you are experiencing itching/burning/smelly/frothy etc).


Again, sometimes we let our minds go crazy with worry over little things that really are little things. Hopefully someone will see this post and give their opinion/ease your mind as well.

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@mmissouri yes I'm going to get tested as soon as enough time has passed. I want to be totally sure of my results.

I really appreciate the support. I hope others see this too while I wait to be able to be confidently tested. Anxious but trying not to be :(

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Hello and Welcome!


I agree it sounds like a lot of coincidence that perhaps you noticed more because of your stressing about Herpes. The fact that the shot got the lymph glands to go down makes it sound like you had something bacterial going on... viruses won't respond to antibiotics...


But re-test around 4 months post exposure ... just to be sure. AND... *IF* you have herpes, it's not the end of the world! Take if from a 35 yr veteran :)





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@wcsdancer2010 yeah the lymph node stopped swelling within a couple hours of the antibiotic but I wasn't sure if it just went down for other reason. I know my only way to know for sure is to get tested, I'm just really scared


I wasn't in pain or itching at all, and probably wouldn't have thought a ton more about it until I got the hemmoroid diagnosis two weeks after. Just so weird, I had never had that either. I read online that some H symptoms look like folliculitis or hemmoroid and those were my two diagnosis by the different docs.


Thanks for the hugs. !!


(Btw I love WCS dance!)

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Lymph glands rarely go down that fast on their own so I'd say the antibiotic did the job...


So do you do WCS? I met someone else on here who is a dancer too and another person who is a dancer when I came out on FB who also runs H support groups... I love how my world intertwines .... just shows how you wouldn't know who around you has H if you don't discuss it openly... :)

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Other piece of info in addition to what I just wrote--the swollen node I had was swollen on a Wednesday and went down after my docs appt that Friday when she gave me an antibiotic.


So it was swollen about 2 days.


Just not sure if the antibiotic helped or if it would have stopped swelling on its own anyway!


I know it's hard to say for sure but I'm just wondering what is typical.



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I actually work with a lady that has a swollen lymph node in her groin, it hasn't gone down, actually got a little bigger, they are sending her for biposy.

When she googled (our worst enemy) sites she found h could be the cause but immediately dismissed the idea due to their past partner histories.

I find it ironic and ignorant, not only to hear her speak

But also her doctor, they did not do bloodwork for h.

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Is it possible to just get soreness with herpes? I remember a few weeks after I got what was the folliculitis diagnosis and everything had cleared, the spot where the bumps had showed up was tender if I pressed on it.

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