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One year later and no longer afraid :)

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Hi everyone,


I can't believe it has been a year since my diagnosis. So much has happened in the last 12 months and looking back, I honestly never thought that I would feel "normal again". But having spent the last year living life to the max, I wanted to tell you all (especially those newly diagnosed) that life goes on and it can be as wonderful as you want it to be.


I have spent the last 8 months travelling, living and working abroad, and I have not allowed the virus to stop me from doing anything. In fact, I have become far more open, tolerant and daring than ever before! I have skydived, jumped off cliffs, submersed myself in to physical tasks, talked to people with less judgement and approached romantic situations with much more caution and realism. I am not saying that these things are particularly special, but to me, they have echoed the fact that I have turned my positive diagnosis in to a positive outlook on life.


Ok, so I haven't had to have "the talk" with anyone who I have thought could be special, but I know for a fact that the old me would have likely ended up in unhealthy situations/relationships because prior to this, I wasn't always the best judge of character, and tended to give the wrong kind of people the benefit of the doubt. But despite my somewhat stagnant romantic life, and the occasional desire for someone to be with, I am very happy at the moment! And fully prepared for what's around the corner.


I am sure I will be back here when the time comes that I meet someone who rocks my world and I need some advice, but to anyone out there feeling that life will never be the same, let me reassure you that although this may be true --- it can also be even better!


Reaching a place of acceptance and understanding is the most important part of this journey. That can be applied to many aspects of this crazy rollercoaster we call life. So keep striving and pushing until you get there. Don't allow something so trivial steal your shine!


Love and peace to you all :)

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In the year or so I have had this, I would say that I've had 4 outbreaks (including the primary), of which none have been particularly terrific.


I normally get some itchiness primarily and then a day or so later I might get tiny sores. They haven't always been in the same spot although the region is always the same (inner/outer labial area). I am on suppressive therapy, but most of the outbreaks have occured when I have abandoned the pills and have been stressed/partying hard. They have never last more than a few days.


I get prodomal symptoms quite regularly though. I am learning to recognise the symptoms and listen to my body.


Although I am generally quite positive, when I do experience symptoms (particularly an outbreak) I do get a little down, as it reminds me that it's there. But then I try to ignore it and just get on with my day.

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