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Gyno very laid back about herpies

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As most of you know I've had Hvs2 for 30+ yrs. My gyno of 30 yrs just retired for which I am so sad...he insisted on early mammograms for me (age 25 then) which ultimately saved my life ie breast cancer at age 42. Anyway, he always insisted that herpies was just an inconvenience and a very minor deal. Today I saw a new very young gyno along with a young girl in training and both had exactly the same mindset which I greatly appreciated!! They even coments on how popular it had become. They were both so sweet!!!

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My gyno and pcp also downplayed herpes treating it as no big deal...bot even promoting disclosure or offering any education other than a pamphlet...personally I think it's ignorant to those that have it and are suffering on either a physical or emotional level.

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@Bambina I don't think my gyno's were down playing per say.....they were more or less saying it's not as bad as the world makes it out to be and more people are much more comfortable talking openly about it. I've seen quite a few stories on here where when someone brought the subject up to their gyno or nurse, they got very negative vibes. My original gyno always told me it's very manageable and was always very pleasant in talking to me about it. I always came away feeling ok with it. Hell, who knows.....maybe he had it too. I understand that some people really suffer. I did with my first several ob's as well. Mine have all but gone away. It's here forever ( until such time a cure pops up), so I just don't let it interfere with my enjoying life. My husband has stg 4 cancer.....now that's something to be upset about! And damned if he doesn't just push on.....3 yrs now. Things can always be worse. He doesn't want herpies and always wears a condom, but I'll bet he'd trade his cancer for H in a heartbeat....given the choice.

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@Katidid I am sorry to hear about your husband, and unfortunately I do know where you are...someone very close to my heart passed on from cancer, and spent their final days in my home, which became their home,..it was very traumatic and will forever be with me,


It does put our disease in perspective....however, it doesn't help the emotional roller coaster at times,

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@Bambina thanks and you are right....this can be an emotional roller coaster at times. Esp in your case where you didn't even know you had it. I basically diagnosed myself at age 23. I mean I knew what H was so I pretty well knew what I had. However, my first ob was a lesion inside so I go to Dr and he doesn't even see it!!! He's telling me "I see nothing". Then, when I actually show him, he says "it's nothing". Long, long time ago now.


I think you can at least put your mind to rest that you may have passed it to affair #2 as I think he would def have called you on it. So, I would run with that and give yourself a break. I really just hope they come up with a fix for this soon...wouldn't that be great and about damn time??!!!

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