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Leg pain?

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I have had herpes for almost 2 years. I take daily suppressive meds. I have never had an issue until the last few months. I got off of the daily meds to see how my body would react. I was fine for a month then I had some redness in the crease of my right thigh/vagina. I still haven't had any lesions or bumps since my primary. It's always just redness or maybe a small red dot on my butt cheek. I decided to get back on the meds and have been back on them for about 2 weeks.

My question deals with the leg pain that I have been having. I have been having the leg pain down my left leg daily off and on. Sometimes It's behind my thigh closer to my butt, other times its behind my leg right above my knee cap...and anywhere in between there. Today I have noticed the pain in my left butt cheek. I'm just wondering why after being pain free for over a year does it decide to suddenly start hurting? An outbreak never follows so I'm confused as to whether anyone else has dealt with the leg pain and how you have relieved the pain.

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I went day before yesterday but they don't ever really have anything to say about the leg pain. I think most doctors are still going by the "textbook" symptoms. I guess my confusion comes in when everyone says the leg pain is a prodrome, but for me, an outbreak never follows. I just don't see how the leg pain is associated with prodromes or asymptotic shedding in my situation. I'm just still in the process of trying to learn my body.

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my doc at pp told me this kind of pain is caused by nerve damage not the prodrome. I am inclined to believe them cause my prodrome symptoms are so much different from this type of pain. For instance when the virus is active I can feel it travelling through my nerves (with a real bad burning sensation) and it gives me a really really bad headache. At first I thought this leg pain is prodrome too and for some reason the virus is active all the time but now I can differentiate btw the nerve pain and prodromes.

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What you just said makes sooooo much sense! The one thing that I've noticed seems to actually Bea prodrome for me is a left sided headache. I will say that I know that pickle juice is good for the muscles but I downed pickle juice yesterday because I'm a weirdo that loves drinking it and afterwards, I had the most pain relief that I've had in a while. They may not be related, but it's interesting to think that it could be.

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@janedoe You're welcome. Also, go to Walgreen's and get their generic version of Tagamet. It is for heartburn, but it is also an anatagonist so it works wonders on the leg pain. I used that for a while. The only reason I quit was because I wanted to find the source of the pain. Of course I immediately contributed it to H, but then again, a thunderstorm can start outside and I'm convinced that my herpes is the cause of it. Lol. I tend to associate every pain and bump to shedding when 90% of the time, it is probably from sweat, stress, or other natural bodily reactions. I am just trying to get myself to realize that herpes isn't the culprit of everything and that my life is no less wonderful now than it was prior to herpes.

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@sassy2543 I agree we get something random and contribute it to herpes immediately but it isn't always the case. Sometimes we read a symptom on here and as soon as we have said symptom we are freaking out. Not that people do not have nerve issues from herpes, but every nerve issue is not herpes. Like Sundevourer said, it could be something unrelated.


There was a post about blisters on your hands. I randomly get those and I instantly though it was H too. At work one day the girls were talking about these odd bumps/blisters they were getting on their hands and I instantly was like how is that possible? Am I spreading things to people? We compared and come to the conclusion they were almost wart like. So then the joke was we are spreading HPV around the lab. Then in a forum for MLTs/MLSs there was a mention of funny bumps on their hands (completely different lab/state) But come to find out it's something in the gloves we wear that is causing skin irritation. (One girl went to the dr). Anyway, not trying to hijack the post- but I do think we need to relax a little on the side effects. Anything is possible but not always H's fault.

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Hi thanks for sharing. This is normal and happens to me sometimes. It's because herpes is in your nerves by your tailbone. So it radiates sometimes down the thigh inner and outer. Our symptoms seem similar. I advise watching Adrial's videos. However for me the leg pain was not to bad. It goes away after a couple of days. I realize all of us feel pain differently. Do you think you would be okay if you didn't take meds? I only take lysine and eat healthy. I work out and get plenty of rest. I have been HSV positive for 3 years no outbreaks.

Anyway just sharing my experience I know we are all different. I went this route because I have 1 kidney and the herpes meds could cause me an issue. So I was not willing to take meds. Again you must do whatever is best for you. I hope this helped.

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It's so good to know that I am not alone with this pain. I have tried to get off of the meds and I was great for a month and then I got redness in the crease between my right thigh and vagina. I never got any bumps or anything. The only bumps I get are on my buttcheeks, but they arent lesions or anything....just red spots. Honestly, the leg pain is my only issue while on meds. I may try to come off of the meds again. I am in the process of moving across the country so stress and lack of sleep are the norm at the moment. Once things are a little more calm, I am gonna start working out and eating right.....for my health and my herpes.

Do you mind if I ask if you have ever passed it on? I can handle herpes because it's really not a big deal at all.... But, as I think most of us do, I just wanna ensure that I am protecting my partner. That's the main reason I take day meds. Even though he is ok with the risk, I still feel it is my duty to take them to lower his risk.

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Hi, no I have never passed it on. I got it at the age of 48 I was traumatized. ..and now I am transformed it made me love myself for the first time. I thought a man that I dated for years gave it to me but he tested negetive. However he has HSV 1 anyway we are very careful. It seems it was dormant in my system from years ago. I had some massive life changes that brought the virus out. At first I thought I cut myself shaving. Anyway I had the same leg issue no sores just pain and red right in the inner crease of my thigh. Where the elastic of the underwear fits by my leg. And like you ..I have only had little pink dots on my rear cheek. Neither of these were very painful. All I take is lysine and 2 TBLSP of apple cider vinegar a day.no issue. Now as far as passing on HSV to someone I haven't. ..it can be very hard to stop in the heat of the moment if you have not disclosed. It can be heart wrenching. What I do is this ..any man that says he is ok with and understanding about HSV we are adults and if we consent I am not responsible. However I will not be intimate without a condom unless I get married again. I have been with my man friend for many years and he says he does not want to use protection...well that won't happen without a ring. Lol I digress. .sorry about the novel. I hope I have helped you in some way. :)



By the way if you have the chance you should go to one of Adrial's seminars LIFE CHANGING!



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I wanted to mention in the begining it's like I thought I needed medication because the stigma sounds so horrible. You know it's like taking a pain pills before the pain happens. I thought I was going to be one big blister ...I have Med's if I need. I feel comfortable knowing that. I wish everyone had such small physical issues with this virus. Feel free to check out my other posts you may find them helpful. There is truly no better community than the H-opp.

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Wow! Our situations sound EXACTLY alike!!! You have absolutely helped me. In fact, you have just made my night! Lol That is so crazy to meet someone who has the exact same symptoms as me because of the fact that my symptoms are so different than others....especially the redness in the crease where the elastic from my underwear fits. If you don't mind, I may message you tomorrow. I'm just getting home from work and am exhausted but would love to chat with you. I have never heard of taking apple cider but I will definitely start. Thank you oh so much!

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