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More GHSV questions, type 1

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Hello everyone -

I've been scrolling through this forum regularly for a few months. I have gone pretty far back in the history of posts and I have been keeping current for at least the last two months. So when you are discouraged that people aren't necessarily responding to your posts, please know that you are still helping others feel human.

I just got my official diagnosis in March of this year, although I am 99% positive I have had this at least 4 years from a cheating boyfriend. I went to my OB after I realized standard tests do not cover HSV and I have had a chronic itch for what seems like forever. Lo and behold, HSV1, and what I can only logically believe to be of the genital variety.

Like I said, I have been doing my research and I am comfortable with the diagnosis, for the most part. It still sucks but its not the end of the world. I want to ask a few things though that I am having trouble searching specifically for.

-- How long do your GHSV1 outbreaks last about? I shaved my lady bits before 4th of July weekend, I got my period on Friday and I generally have sensitive skin. To be honest, I have NO IDEA what an outbreak is supposed to look or feel like. I don't remember having a primary outbreak as described by many others. The only thing I remember is having one large bump.

-- Speaking of bumps, when you have recurrent OBs, do they typically follow a pattern? I believe the single bump was my primary, however, what I am experiencing this week is almost like a rash throughout the whole upper part of my pubic area.

I'll start with this for now and I am happy to finally be a part of the conversation.

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We're happy to have you!


I can't answer question one because I'm not sure of my type but as far as question two- they do typically follow a certain pattern. Once your infection is established it rarely spreads to other locations.


I have to ask, are you positive it isn't an oral infection? Usually when someone has a positive HSV1 blood test it's assumed it's oral. And your symptoms don't sound typical. (But there are atypical, and I know that.)

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I am not positive of the location. I only had a blood test done which showed type 1. I just know I have a chronic itch and irritation down there. I've changed to cotton undies only and it hasn't made a big difference. I've had a blister or two in my mouth but on the inside and I thought Hsv was on the outside only. I don't recall the blisters being painful or crusting either orally.

I've heard others say that herpes lesions do not have pus or anything inside if you try to pop or scratch them. Is that true?

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It can vary depending on the person since everyone experiences things differently (like the paper cut type of outbreak), but to say no one has fluid in their lesions would be wrong. Cultures are best when the fluid is swabbed, although they do work with cells/skin scrapings sometimes.


As for oral herpes, it usually appears on the lips/outer mouth. I've been finding out there are cases of people getting in inside their mouth and nose as well though. I guess it's just rare.

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@alittlemad Hi there...I am in the same situation as you. I was dx with HSV1 via blood work so i dont' know where I have it. This all started after being with a new partner. I experienced a lot of vaginal problems such as re-occurring yeast infections, VB, etc... I have never actually had a real outbreak genitally, so doctors can't diagnose it as HSV. My Gyno is convinced I have HSV1 orally because I often complain of mouth blisters so she says it's HSV1 but I've never had any of them swabbed as they do not have liquid (they're just tinny little bumps), but I do get the pre-symptoms (tingly and itchy feeling on my lips) but I have never had a cold sore on my lips. I do however get blisters in my mouth almost every month.

Back to my genitals - I've had a series of problems since having oral sex with a new partner last year (hence my HSV test). I truly believe I have genital HSV1 but can't get a doctor to diagnose me. I have symptoms every month after my period (usually a week after finishing period) burning sensation, severe itching, and discharge (that last about 2 weeks) and then it goes away. This happens every month. Sometimes it's very severe sometimes it's mild, but after going to the doctor so many times and being told it's nothing, I've given up and just cope with the problem. I do also get the papercut symptoms and sometimes feel the cut after sex but it's only happened a few times.

After doing tons of research and reading tons of post, I've accepted the fact that it could or could NOT be HSV1. The fact is I have it somewhere but I'll never know where until I get a real lesion to get it swabbed.

I know this probably doesn’t bring comfort to you, but I wanted to let you know you are not alone.

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Thanks legal07. I'm not sure if it is or is not comforting. I have a history of abuse so I can't recall when my pelvic issues even officially started. When I requested my full std panel with HSV my doc laughed and told me I had one of the healthiest looking areas he's seen. His words never comforted me, especially after I got my results back. With both responses so far it almost has me feeling that it could just be oral. I just know I still get a lot of discomfort down there and I've been to two different practices. :(

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Boo on your doctor. Having it in the nether regions doesn't mean you are not healthy or that area isn't healthy.

I had a suspicious bump a couple of times. But nothing like the photos in Google, which now I'm convinced are posted by the West Bureau Baptist Church. Just a pimple. No patterns of any kind so I too have no idea what to look for if or when some unwanted guest will show up.

Now I did get some tingling feeling, say 4 years ago and that's about it.nothing painful just an odd tingling. If any burning feeling I had it was either from eating something spicy, or the after effect of of intercors with a particular friend of mine. It wasn't burning just hurt to go to the bathroom....probably off topic now.


There were times I had lesions, or a tare That I thought were just fissures. No puss, no burning, no scabing, no clusters.Just hurt to poop sometimes.They had occurred after a hemroid


Now I did have a friend who had hsv1 and she showed me. It was inside her lip. I'm told hsv1 orally isn't always outside your mouth looking like someone popped you in the face.

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I just wanted to say that I really like this discussion and can relate alot. So, I think that HSV1 is typically oral and HSV2 is typically genital, but remember this is a virus that replicates inside cells so that both can spread to either area. Now, I also have the tingling feeling around my bottom lip occassionally, and the first thing I do is use Abreeva. I try to use it like twice a day and it SOMETIMES stops the mouth breakout. But let me tell you, the last few break outs on my lips have been crazy traumatic. Like my lips swell twice the size, so fat that they split and chapped...omg!! every ointment, Abreeva, food, everything hurts to touch. I looked at several remedies online and i tried putting aloe on my lips and genital areas at night and sleeping on a towel with no panties....helps the open areas alot. But my face...omg ...the lips last a week almost. And I had to work last time it happened. I put on heavy heavy makeup and lip stick and prayed for the time to fly by. It kinda feels like the corners of my mouth are cut and then my lips split and then the inside of the lips right where theytouch togetherget like canker sores that drive me insane when i try to eat. I could only eat yogurt for two days!!! And yes, I also used an electric ladies shaver to get cleaned up for the 4th of July wknd, and all my symptoms started after that....I wonder if my electric razor is contaminated!!?? .... Well, I was popping acyclovir every 4-5 hours but it wasnt seeming to help at all. So I started using other topicals....I tried Olive Oil, and coconut oil to keep them moist..the oil burned a bit. However, in the genital area, i usually clean well with tissue and then apply coconut oil to my lady parts. Helps the burning itching feeling subside alot. I keep a cup of oil in the bathroom. So, after reading more, it seems as by taking so much acyclovir, it somehow may have increased yeast levels in my body....so i actually had thrush with what I thought was a HSV1 outbreak...and the vaginal itchy was fueling the rise of yeast levels....so i went and got a OTC Monistat 1200mg vaginal insert with extra external cream. I put it in around 8pm and chilled out on my towel. Felt some relief within hours and much much better the next few days. I use the external cream on my lady parts mixed with coconut oil. I can finally sleep without crazy pain. My lips and the area under my bottom lip towards my chin still lookds terrible and hurts sooo much.

Hopefully some of this can help you too.

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Oh...and get a new Dr...!If you ever go to a Dr and they dont take a genuine interest in your fears and offer some type of solution or a pathway (test, labs, imaging) to help you feel better....then look for a new Dr. Also you can google Drs that cater to infectious diseases or immunology in your area...maybe an appt with them would get you more solid answers.

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My doctor gave me the test without grief but nobody called me for my results. I called them and got the info through a nurse practitioner who basically said "well you did come back positive for Hsv-1" and I asked "the one that typically causes cold sores?" She said yes and then we mutually hung up. So... Nothing there. I have been fitting pieces together and trying to make sense of symptoms. Ugh.

Thrush, eh? I've had bacterial vaginosis in the past but I don't recall having the rash like outbreak. I'll look into it, but my irritation has finally cleared up some. There are still some spots but it's not as bad.



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