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Herpes or Not, 6 months of Hell and Counting

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It all started a little over 6 months ago. I decided to hook up with a friend, and we had a weekend together. She had a clean record, so did I. Both of even had paperwork to back it up (Found at a later date). We had unprotected sex, I went down on her, she never went down on me. My last sexual encounter was years before this.

About 5 or 6 days later, I began to notice a funny feeling in my urethra (I am a circumized male). After one night of running, I notice that the side of my penis, right before the head, had been highly irritated. The top of the head became irritated as well and clothing hurt. For two weeks, I couldn't understand why I was in so much pain. Than, I wake up in the night with a fever and I am noxious like I want to throw up. I notice that my penis head is rashy looking, bright red mostly, but highly irritated, there was nothing open, no noticeable bumps or blisters. I went to the doctor, it was the one month mark. I got all tests, including an IGG for types 1 and 2, both were negative. The fever and noxious feeling lasted 5 days, but the rashy irritated penis head would last for 6 months. I took all tests again at 3 and 4 months. IGG's were negative. I took the IGG at 6 months, negative. Now, I got a family cold that was going around. Only I am the one member of the family that got a light fever and noxious feeling, although it could have been because I was taking another medication for a different kind of infection. I am now going to order the western blot and try and bring myself closure.


After the first 3 months, my eyes started to become chronically red. I had to take steriod drops to keep them white, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, I never had a cold sore in my life.


I have had a rashy looking penis head for 6 months. depending on how I lay, or move, it gets redder or less noticeable, like it has something to do with blood flow. The penis head is highly irritated by clothing. I have no bumps, blisters or discharge that I have known about. The girl I was with tested negative over a month after the intercourse, her previous experience was a 3,5 months previous.


Please, as much as it will sadden me, I need to know if I have Herpes, or some autoimmune disease. I cannot get a swab because nothing is open, and even after 6 months of all the IGG's I had, I can't get a positive result.


Has anyone had a similar experience? Will I have herpes every day for the rest of my life like I presumably had them every day for the past 6 months?

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From what I understand, you should not be having herpes symptoms every day. They should come and go.

Unfortunately a doctor is the best person to consult for medical advice. My experience with this virus has been tame for the most part and I am sorry to hear you are that uncomfortable regardless if it is Herpes or not. If you had multiple blood tests taken, I imagine the doctor is aware of the pain and rash going on? It seems odd that they aren't looking at other conditions.

You mentioned that you both had paperwork. Did that paperwork show testing for herpes? If you both only had basic STD testing done, herpes was most likely not included in the results.

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I would think after this amount of time that you would have a positive HSV test if you were positive, but the western blot should answer that question for you.


Are you a diabetic? I'm asking because although you are circumcised, your symptoms made me think of Balanitis. Are your doctors even investigating possible causes?

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Thank you for replying. I have been to a urologist, general doctor, and dermatologist. I have been prescribed steroid creams, and anti-fungals in which nothing has helped. I am convinced that it is herpes, none of my doctors are. They are convinced that there is some "other" cause behind it, like an autoimmune disease. I have been practically abstinant over the years, all the sudden I sleep with one girl and all of this happened so I'm not buying it.


The first 6 months felt like Hell. The week of having the Flu, and than not being able to do anything physically for 6 months. Over time it got a little better, but never healed. Than after 6 months, this cold goes around my family and I get it particularly hard, as in I want to throw up. I don't know if its in my head, but I honestly felt like the inflammation of the penis got worse.


Another question, does the redness of hsv come and go through out the day? Has anyone ever heard of someone who can't build antibodies that suffers "Initial" outbreaks every time? I'm out thousands of dollars, my health is crippling, I met the girl of my dreams and left myself heart broken as I didn't want to get close to her. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

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And yes, I have had IGG tests for type 1 and 2 at 1, 3 , 4, and 6 months. I have also been tested for every other major STD. The girl I was with had been tested 1 month after, she tested negative (And she's tests for everything yearly, including HSV, so 6 months before she tested negative as well). I didn't have sex but 2 years before all this happened, not a symptom during those years. I have sex so infrequently, that I am sure it has to be from this one experience.


The doctors are talking about other causes, but they are not very knowledgeable with anything of this nature. They basically think, if urinating is not painful and/or there is no painful OPEN sores that it cannot be herpes, I know otherwise so I keep thinking it. They seem to think, some sort of autoimmune disease, but can't test for it. They thought some sort of arthritis, but can't prove it. I heard it was probably fungal, yet none of the treatments helped.

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Sounds like you had some type of allergic reaction maybe...idk. Def check with infectious disease MD...ask them to do wound culture or blood cultures...sometimes local health dept MDs are a good place to start. I mean, they see ALOT of STDs on a daily basis. Hopefully someone may recognize your symptoms. GoodLuck and always practice safe sex....Its not worth it.

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I am not diabetic, and and yes, she had herpes testing done in the past and so did I. After all this started going on with me, (She never had anything wrong with her or so she claims) she also went in and we both came out with negative tests. I keep praying that I will wake up and it will all go away.


I think my next step could be a infectious disease doctor or someone who deals with autoimmune diseases. I just wish I knew which one it was so I was not dealing with yet again, another doctor who just sees me 3 times and says "Im not sure", but thanks for coming. I'm pretty sure that before long I am going to be referred to a Witch Doctor in the remote jungles of Bolivia because I have seen every other specialist there is.


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I have never heard of someone requesting blood cultures randomly like that. Usually there are signs (such as a high white blood cell count, etc.) that indicated a more serious type of infection going on. If he had an infection in his blood stream, it would have been caught by now, and he would be very ill if it was missed.

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