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I am a 34 year veteran

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I have had genital herpes from around 1982, but have had oral herpes for far longer, since I was a child. I am 64 and have usually been able to keep my incidents under control using amino acid Lysine. The amino acid Arginine stimulates the growth of the virus and by taking a daily dose of Lysine I have been able to control my outbreaks.


I have had the discussion with several new love interests and they always appreciate that I am so honest with them. Of course, after I have mentioned this they usually break off the relationship. But I will continue to be honest. I have been married 4 times and have had sex without giving my wife the disease.

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Hello and Welcome!


I'm a 38 yr veteran (I now just say 35+ yrs...I generally don't count any more!) who also got HSV1 as a child. Same general story as yours - tho only married once, but for 20 yrs and my ex did get it from me because I was mis-diagnosed before and during our marriage.


If you've been married 4 times then your disclosure success hasn't been *that* bad. As I tell people, H is a GREAT Wingman ... the women who walk just "weren't that into you" ... odds are they were already questioning if they wanted to continue the relationship. I know for *me* I often stay in an early relationship a little longer than I should because I want to give the person/relationship a chance if I see something in them that I like/am attracted to. So that kind of info might be the thing that has those women walk... it's their "sign" that it's time to move on.....


Glad to have you aboard.... we need more veterans on here so people can see that we can live VERY normal lives .... and that they are FAR from alone!

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Nice to meet you, I'm also a veteran, although I was mis diagnosed and it was just confirmed last August...I can't even explain my scenario because it's all based on speculation, and information from the 80s, which they knew very little about h back then.


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Im a veteran too, from about 1984 or so..... also been married a couple times, did not give it to him. luckily, seeing things didnt work out. We split up for other reasons. We never discussed the herpes, I disclose and then after that first day, I just dont talk about it. If the guy stays, then he accepts me as is.... and Herpes is not me... - No one disclosed to me, just gave it to me without even a worry. Not nice. I wont do that to someone else. But if someone knows, and stays anyways, I dont want to spend all of our time - or even any of out precious time together discussing it. There are far too many wonderful times to be had. :)

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