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Recently diagnosed with HSV-2, need support and guidance please help

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Hi everyone-


I am a 28 yr old female, have always been mostly happy with my life. In middle of June, I suffered from a UTI, shortly after a yeast infection (went to the gyno and got swabbed and blood tested) yeast was positive. I've always known I had HSV-1, but have never had a cold sore on my mouth. Everything fine and dandy...then about two weeks later I noticed this weird pain when I touched my right labia. Didn't think much about it, but kept watching the area. An odd mostly flat "bump" showed up, and for a day or so I had a strange "tingling" in my buttock area.


Called my gyno nurse with my concerns, they told me sounds like a pimple or something. I still didn't feel right. Called back and went in to get swabbed the next day. When I get the results back...boom HSV-2. I am in a word, terrified. How can this happen when my blood test was just negative for type 2? I have been sleeping with my on and off ex for months (not using condoms despite me preferring to), he claims he got tested and was clean but I never asked to see his test. I had slept with someone else back in September, was fine. Slept with that same person again about two weeks before my UTI, yeast infection, etc. Used condoms both times. I almost don't want to bother trying to find someone to blame anymore. It is what it is.


I got the official diagnosis two days ago, but the whole week of not knowing what is was almost felt worse than finding out. My Dr is assuming this is my first OB, although it sounds very mild compared to what first OB "should" feel like. I have not had any itching, or burning/pain when I urinate. It really just hurts to sit sometimes and I have tiny blisters and tiny sores that seem to go away quickly.


Anyway, here is my cry for help. ANYONE that can help my through this I would be so thankful for. I am terrified of the future, I feel alone and somewhat gross. I don't want to feel bad or ashamed, but it hurts knowing I have spent my life trying to protect myself to end up with this anyways. I have combed the internet trying to find support groups and I found Ella Dawson's blog which really helped. I have read so many things about what can cause your next OB etc and I am terrified of the known.


-When will this OB end? Will I remember what a normal vag feels like? (I have been on 1000mg of Valtrex per day for two days now. Dr said she wanted to hit it strong).

-I don't want to change my eating habits. I can't give up coffee, fast food, soda, chocolate, alcohol (my friend's friend has HSV-2 and drinks way too much and seems fine. I drink socially, nothing crazy).

-Can I wax or shave that area ever again? They say friction can cause another...so I can't masturbate anymore? That my period can trigger an OB??

-Sun exposure??

-How can I ever date again?

-I sit at a desk all day and get kind of sweaty "down there" sometimes, I'll have to worry about this triggering another OB?

- I do not want to take meds everyday. My friends mom who has H told me she has been taking probiotics and hasn't had an OB in over a year.


Thanks for anyone who read through this and offers support. Comments or direct messages are welcomed. God bless all of you.

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You can do everything you did before you found about hsv2 or even more.

You want to wax down in the treasure box go right ahead. You want to drink, eat on your bed, walk barefoot ( avoid some public places though, some people don't clean up their dog shit) go right ahead and do that.


Don't stop loving yourself. Unless you didn't prior to this. Then start doing it.I think that's the struggle with it. It's vanity that gets us. How frequently did you date? Thing is it's always going to be the same thing with dating. And the dating scene is rough.Some people like you some don't. You like someone, but he's " just not that into you."

Dating has always been an issues. Just remember that you aren't the issue neither is " herpes."

Unless you are the issue... LOL.


You don't even have to take meds. Unless you get any breakouts that might be a bit much to handle. People suggest taking them before sexual activity at least a week... I think.


I sweat between my thighs like some god dam water park, but have never had an issue of a OB because of that. OB and such vary upon the individual and from what I heard Diats don't make a deference, but some say it has for them.


...if you're worried about sun exposure take vita D. People are actually poor in that catagory. You're not a vampire. You're not some handicap to yourself or society. It's no different than hsv1 regardless of what people might say. It's not like having type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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I have GHSV-1 and I really feel like I can identify with a lot of what you said in your post. Right now I feel scared about everything! I can't offer you a lot of information at this stage, as I am new, too. But I can offer you support! Your questions about the triggers are what I identify most with... I feels like some giant game of trial and error. But I really feel like it's going to be okay. The first few weeks I had to give myself pep talks in the morning, "you're worthy, you're amazing, you will find someone that adores you no matter what." It helped. Doing things that I love helps. SunDevourer is right- you can do everything you did before.

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Thanks green! That's some great advice. It's only been a couple weeks, but it's true what people say. It does get better, wondering what may trigger an outbreak is kind of scary, but the stress in that may cause one anyways. I would love support and am willing to offer my own as well.

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Hi! Don't feel alone, I was in the same boat you are sailing a little over a year ago when my "nightmare" started. I was never promiscuous and as you were, I was on and off with my ex-my son's dad. And then briefly met someone else who gave me this lovely gift. :) I was in shambles questioning all you are questioning right now. I've had 3 outbreaks VERY mild and every time it's less mild. THANKFULLY.


I eat regular, don't diet or anything extreme, but I am more conscious of my eating/life habits as I want to prevent any future outbreaks.


Anyway, herpes helped me get rid of the bad things in my life and brought me better things. (never thought I'd say that a year ago) The dating scene with H is difficult, I can only imagine -I didn't have to thankfully (I will explain in a future post) but just keep in mind it's difficult because people and closed minded and therefore, ignorant.


Hang in there. Pamper yourself even more now. Stress triggers outbreaks so relax, it is what it is now and we can't change it. We are not the only ones in this boat and we won't be the last ones either. Best of luck!

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I was in shock when I found out, my girlfriend at the time (late 2015) gave it to me, I later found out she knew and transmitted it selfishly, even insisting that I not use a condom. However, a little over 6 weeks after getting my blood results back (HSV2) and I am slowly settling in. I disclosed to the girl I've been seeing for 2 months and it went really well. So have faith, things will get better. There are always going to be good days and bad days but I promise each day it is a little easier. I've only told my best friend and girlfriend and they've both been very supportive. The most important thing is finding that one person to talk you through the first few months, and talk to your doctor. Mine put my mind at ease about the whole thing. Good luck

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