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Can HSV-2 ever be transmitted from the mouth?

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It's not possible for you to pass your GENITAL HSV2 from *your* mouth to someone's genitals.... the virus lives in the nerve ganglion in that area. The risk of passing it from RECEIVING oral sex is possible but *very* low ... only 1% of all oral Herpes is HSV2. If you are very careful to not receive oral when you have *any* chance that an OB is coming on, the odds are going to be very very low of you passing it that way. To put things into perspective, odds are FAR greater you will injure someone in a car accident, or that you or your loved ones will die from flu/pneumonia, than there is of you passing HSV2 on to someone when receiving oral if you use common sense precautions :)

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Is "safe"really the right word to use when discussing herpes transmission? Almost everyone has herpes. Are they in danger?


Also, let's say, on the super rare possibility that you hsv2 oral, that you take suppressive less. From what I know, there are no recorded incidences of passing HSV2 from your mouth with suppressive therapy on play.

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I mean HSV2 genitally. It lives in the lower spine. HSV2 oral lives in nerves in that region of the body. Is it in any way possible to be infected in both places or have the virus travel from the lower spine up to the mouth area and infect from there. I know, it sounds like a crazy idea but I haven't seen it specifically ruled out.

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In rare instances, herpes simplex viruses can internally travel to the brain and cause herpes encephalitis. But to put it in perspective, that is not limited to HSV1 and HSV2. The varicella zoster virus (chicken pox/shingles which is herpes virus 3) and Epstein Barr virus (mono which is herpes virus 4) can also cause this. And you don't hear about people worrying about encephalitis after having chicken pox or mono for that matter. (And these are just herpes related, there are many other causes as well).


Having outbreaks in a new area is typically because you've either externally passed it to the area yourself (touch) or someone else you've been in contact with has given you a new strain/location.

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If you play with a cold sore/genital sore and then touch a spot on your body that has a cut or opening you may pass it on to that area. I don't know many people that have done that. And I don't know the statistics on it but I think after the first year of having the virus it's even rarer for this to happen.


I mean think about it.. I've just played with my vaginal (blisters/cuts/whatever type of outbreak you get) and now I'm going to rub my eyes? Pick my nose? Inspect this cut I got? It's pretty much just basic hygiene-wash your hands after messing with an outbreak. That's it.


HSV2 rarely goes to other areas. You said you can't find statistics ruling out the possibility of it spreading- it's because in RARE cases, it can. But please remember, that is NOT the norm.


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Yes, terrified. I know the chances would be .001% or something. I've never had anything resembling a fever blister or cold sore on my mouth and tested neg for HSV1, but I do have acne pimples sometimes right beside my lips - what if I touched my mouth at some point and it's just asymptomatic? As I said, being told it is very, very rare isn't much comfort.

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As ive been learning, if you do have an open sore/blister, its just wise enough to wash your hands befor u touch yourself or others.

And a few people who havd had it for a long time, did say, if u only have hsv2genital, u cannot pass it through kissing, daily activities etc...

Ive just been diagnosed this week and im freakin out myself

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