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I spread my HSV 2 infection to my... knee. Has anyone else spread their own herpes?

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So I am feeling a little disheartened right now. I was diagnosed with genital HSV-2 almost two years ago. While the original diagnosis was of course extremely distressing, I have become OK with my diagnosis and am currently in a long term relationship with someone who knows about my status and is perfectly fine and comfortable with it. So for the last year and a half I've been pretty OK with the whole herpes thing, and have been on 500mg of Valtrex daily to reduce my outbreaks and reduce risk of transmission to my partner.


Fast forward to about a week ago and I got a weird rash on my knee. It was red with fluid filled bumps. After several days of it worsening I went to the doctor who cultured it claiming that it sure looked like a herpes outbreak on my knee. Culture result came back today - positive for HSV-2. Thankfully the rash is resolving and it's going away. But, I now not only have HSV-2 genitally, but also on my knee.


Has this happened to anyone else? How worried do I have to be about spreading this to OTHER areas of my body? My initial understanding of HSV-2 was that the virus really prefers genitals, and once infected, your body creates antibodies for the virus and it was unlikely to not possible to spread it to other areas. Which I guess for me is NOT correct. The doctor I saw even stated it was odd that I'd spread the infection seeing as I was on antivirals.


Anyone have any words of hope, or at least a shared experience? I feel like the only person I've ever heard of who has HSV2 on their KNEE of all places.

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We had someone post about having an oral HSV1 infection that they spread to their genitals. It happens. Hopefully since the knee is such an odd location, you won't experience frequent outbreaks there.


I'm sorry I don't have any advice or words of wisdom, I have to admit this situation is different.

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I mean, I guess there is some consolation in that I'd rather have it spread to my knee than to my mouth! But it does worry me about the possibility of it eventually winding up there if my body/the virus isn't picky about where it spreads. I also feel like it's a lot easier to be aware of "I touched my genitals, I should wash my hand" than "I touched my knee, I should wash my hands." Also, can't I then spread it from my knee to other people's body parts if we touch and they have an open cut? Ugh. This is just not very fun to think about....

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I am going through the same thing sorta.....3 years for me then after having my son my outbreaks have started on my butt..it used to be one single bump on my inner labia- no big deal...I wasn't sure if it was in fact H on my butt until recently...worst outbreak ever and after having it for 3 years it makes no sense. Going on 3 weeks now and new ones keep popping up in diff areas of my butt. And I freaked out thinking I was getting a whitlow on my fingers but so far nothing has surfaced completely. Then yesterday I started my period and feel like a bump is on the inside somewhere. It's very aggravating. I was under the same impression as you and didn't take extra precautions after having it for a while. We are both lucky to have a loving significant other who accepts our status. I guess we should just focus on that and be thankful. Sorry you are going through it.

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As far as the buttocks if you have an outbreak in the genital area it can resurface anywhere in the boxer short region. However for the knee- they say it is not supposed to go below boxer short region.... However I have had a horrible outbreak on my thigh all the way down my calf.

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I'd say hold off giving out kneejobs for a little while. I believe I've had OBs on my ankle and finger, but didn't get them swabbed. Finger is arguably worse than it spreading to your mouth, especially as a guy.. I wasn't on meds though, and it all happened around the time of diagnosis. I'd have thought it was more likely that you caught it there from your giver 2 years ago, and it just hasn't surfaced since then.

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