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can I contract same type of herpes in two different area?

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I cant remember the date clearly,somewhere around june 2015 I have some blister near the corner of my mouth,all the signs and symptoms are similar to herpes 1,I went to a derma and got it checked out,the doctor confirmed it was herpes and ask me if I want to do a blood test,I refused because he already confirmed it by just looking and I have personally experienced symtomps like flu,fever,tingling,blister.I did my annual blood test on 16 february 2016 and I request for std test as well,all came back negative except my herpes-1 row is red flag,no big deal for me because I have been diagnosed with cold sore. 18 of february I had met a girl over a club and she perfomed oral sex for me and we had protected sex after that,I did not notice any lesion or blister around her mouth.in april 2016 I notice some red bumps on the head of my penis after masturbating and I quickly went to my gp and get it checked out,the doctor cant confirm what it was and tell me not to worry about it because the red bumps come and go.this has been going on since I found them out in april until now july, I went to see 2 other derma and after lookin at it and my previous blood report,they too told me it was not herpes and told me not to worry however they suggest I took another blood test just to be sure,I went and did it,so now I have two blood test confirming I am std negative except both are red flag at the herpes 1 row which I am assuming it was from the cold sore in june 2015.i got really worried because the red bumps keep appearing and dissapearing and I want to find out what it was I went for another derma today and he was like the grandfather of skin disease,at one look he said it was herpes and quickly tell me about the seriousness of it and things to do if I am planning to have kids.let me clarify one more time,at this point I have 2 blood report stating I am negative in herpes 2 and positive in herpes 1 from both february and june 2016 report. this doctor is very famous and have alot of patience,so it is natural he dont listen much to what I have to say,i manage to talk a little and after listening to my explaination,he still said it was herpes because herpes not necessarily having blister,pain or other classic symptoms.I dont know why during the end he said maybe it was not herpes because it comes and goes in a very short period of time and give me an anti fungal prescription,but I am still bothered by what he said the moment he look at my penis the first time and tell me I got herpes and it bothers me because he have alot of experience so he might be right.right now I just want to know is there anything I can do to confirm those red bumps are herpes because I cant do swab test,they are just bumps wihtout liquid or lesion and if it was not herpes,then what was it?i have did alot of readings in forums and about herpes,alot of website have their own variations,I have read that if you got hsv 1 already,it is vry rare that you will get caught in other place because your body already build up the immune for it,however some site is saying symptoms of herpes can be just red bumps on the penis head and they cause no complications and come and go often.

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You can get the same strain in both locations. It's rare but it happens. As far as whats going on with you, a visual diagnosis isn't always the best way to go. It's better to have a swab for confirmation. That is the only thing that will tell you if what you are seeing is herpes or not. (The blood test can only confirm the virus and not the location).


Since you already have cold sores and have accepted that, I wouldn't worry to much about it. If it is herpes, you know it's HSV1 (exactly what you have on your mouth) and carries the same risks as the cold sores do. So if you disclose that you have HSV1 you are covering all bases. You said you were negative for all other STDs. It could be fungal, it could be an allergy, it could be many things.

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thank you for the reply mmisssouri,I wanted to do a swab test or something,but the doctors said there is ntg to swab.anyway I am just wondering if it is hsv1 then it must like the lower area so much where I read about hsv 1 liking to be above the waist,my cold sores only have one outbreak and my penis head had like 6 in 3 months.I am not to happy for the fact that I caught the same virus after a year where I already have hsv 1 on my lips,I thought my body already have the antibody for it.if I have contract both hsv1 in my mouth and penis at the same time in june 2015,then I dont understand why the outbreak only took part on my lips and waited for a year to took place in the penis and these red bumps come and go almost every two weeks which is so much more often than the mouth understanding that hsv 1 prefer the mouth part

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About 50 percent of new genital herpes infections are from HSV1 due to oral sex. So even though they say HSV1 prefers the mouth, it is quickly taking over the genital areas also.


There are many scenarios that could be possible. You could have had an asymptomatic genital infection all this time and assumed that the positive HSV1 results were only for oral, but it may have been both. People carry HSV for many years without signs or symptoms. Sometimes, they never have outbreaks (but can still spread it).


You could have autoinocculated yourself since you have a new virus, your immune system may not have been built up enough yet to protect you from spreading it to other areas.


You could have come into contact with someone that had shedding (no symptoms) and gave you a new infection.


I'm still not convinced that the stuff going on with you is herpes. And I agree you need a good swab to get good results. But to be on the safe side, since the doctor did a visual confirmation (still not 100% diagnosed here), you could just tell people you have the HSV1 virus.

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