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HSV1 questions

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I have recently posted a thread regarding concern that I have passed this virus to my daughter somehow..... And have been doing research on several forums as well as reaching out to Terri Warren about this issue. I am going to post several questions..... If this pertains to you please respond with your experiences as I am looking to see if I'm the only one in this situation.


1. I know for a fact that I have had HSV1 since I was a child. I used to get horrendous cold sores on my lips after visiting a summer camp. My mother used to take me to the health food store desperately trying to find a remedy or something to help. I now have genital HSV1 as well. I have heard that this is next to impossible. Even Terri Warren told me that if I have had oral there is no way I have genital HsV1 as well. Is there anyone out there that has both?


2. I have been repeatedly told that it is nearly impossible to pass on to my daughter through daily activities.... Yet there are threads on the Internet on several different forums with people stating that their child has contracted it without foul play. These threads are several years old. Does anyone know anything about these situations?


3. I am pretty sure my daughter has oral hsv1. She has never had a lesion on the outside of her mouth but has had several occasions where she has white spots on her tongue - as I do. Also on the inside of her cheeks. I was told by a doctor that is a form of oral herpes. Is anyone familiar with this or are these canker sores?


4. My genital herpes started out as atypical herpes presentation without sores or rash. And when I did get lesions they were single bumps or herpetic folliculitis. How many out there have had single bumps or lesions? What did they look like?


I will openly admit my anxiety about this situation has increased maybe passed the point of normal concern. I have had several people graciously comment with their opinions multiple times and I am thankful for them.


Thanks again.

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1) Terri Warren said that you can't have both-I'm shocked at that. Less likely you'll contract it-yes. But no chance-that's not accurate.


2) Usually when kids get oral herpes it's from other kids. Not parents. They tend to share drinks, toys, and other things without concern. They aren't as informed about transmission and risks and they do things freely without thought. It's very common for kids to get oral HSV1. It sounds as if you can relate, you got it when you were a child, and I'm assuming it wasn't from your parents.


3) There is a form of oral herpes that does cause sores on the inside of the mouth, however, in most cases it stays on the outside. There are also other things that cause white patches in the mouth, canker sores, thrush, etc. If a doctor swabbed her sores and came back with a positive result then I would say she has oral herpes. But if you are going just by what a doctor has said (meaning she has not been tested) then I would not do that.


4) I can't comment on this since my first outbreak was the worst and I had a swabbed confirmation.


Hon, I don't want to be dismissive of your concerns, but what good does all this worrying do you? All of this added stress can't be good. Why not just focus on you, getting the answers you need for your health, and then getting in a good place with your diagnosis. If by some chance the kids do get herpes (assuming they don't already have it, because like we already discussed, many kids pick it up in childhood), odds are it won't be from you.

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