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HSV2 and GHSV-1 Transmission? Please help!

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I've been gone for a Long Time but I am back with a question. I am a woman and was diagnosed with HSV2 (genital of course) and my boyfriend is G-HSV1+ . He's never had a cold sore (lips).


If I give him oral sex can I contract HSV1 orally? Please enlighten me.


Thanks so much!

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@Konfucious - I believe you can contract it orally through oral sex but the risk is very small, assuming you avoid outbreaks, and even smaller in your case because you already have HSV2 which provides partial protection from contracting HSV1. To put the risk in perspective, most adults have oral HSV1, so you have taken this same risk with the majority of people you have kissed in your lifetime.

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Thank you. Yes avoiding outbreaks and whatnot what is the percentage risk. My bf refuses for me to give him oral because he thinks I will get it orally (which we are both trying to avoid) but at the same time: How can a man be completely happy with no oral sex ever again? LOL @optimist

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@Konfucious - I don't know the exact percentage. All I know is that the risk is actually lower than the risk of contracting it from kissing someone with oral HSV1 because there is less frequent asymptomatic shedding of HSV1 genitally than orally.

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