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Constant outbreaks due to coffee?

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I contracted ghsv1 four and a half months ago, I have constant predrome, outbreaks, healing, predrome. I started valtrex 3 weeks ago. Keep waiting and praying for it to get better. I have cut out wheat, sugar, alcohol. Take lysine, b vitamins, vit c, and even on the valtrex, same thing. I'm ready to kill myself I'm so sick of it. I cut down to one cup of coffee a day, same thing. Could this one cup of coffee be causing this? I feel like every pleasure is being stripped away. And I don't want to have to give up one more thing. Used to have a Reese cup every day, haven't had any in 3 months. I used to love being in the sun, now it makes me feel like a vampire about to burst in flames. No processed food at all. I'm so disappointed the valtrex isn't helping. I think by now it would help, right? I literally wake up in pain and itching every morning which leads to my first thought being that I have herpes and my second thought is I wish I was dead. Now I think I'm getting one on my lip. Did anyone experience torture like this for 5 months and does anyone have experience cutting out the coffee which led to relief? And does anybody know if the valtrex takes a while to work? I started taking two at night and one in the morn instead of two a day. My doc said not to, that I'm at the highest recommended dose but I'm miserable and desperate and can't get back in with her for 3 weeks. As far as I'm concerned I hope the extra valtrex kills me.

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@damnhim- If you are cutting this stuff out, and you are not getting relief, then why not add it back. Just because cutting things work for some people, doesn't mean that will work for everyone. Heck, I'm miserable just reading all the things you have given up. And now coffee? Oh hell no. I'd die without my coffee lol.


I would NOT take more than the prescribed amount of medication. Just like tylenol or any other drug- there is an amount you can safely take, and any more than that is hard on your liver. If valtrex is not working for you, ask to switch to another antiviral. Sometimes, it's finding the right medication.


Instead of cutting pleasures, adding vitamins, and upping medications, I would look into switching meds and fighting it from the outside to get some relief from the symptoms. Do you sleep with underwear on? Sometimes air will help dry things out, some people prefer to go commando during outbreaks. There are many suggestions on this forum from WCSDancer on how to tackle this from the outside. If you haven't read them, do so. Otherwise, how are your stress levels? Do you have any immune system issues? And is there any possibility this could be something else?

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Mmissouri, thank you for responding. Those things, sugar, alcohol, wheat, make it way worse. I can feel the predrome itching start before I'm even done with the candy bar. Alcohol the next day and wheat two days later. For some reason, the virus is totally attacking me. I think because of the way it was delivered into my body. Without giving too much graphic information, I can't explain it. But it was traumatizing to say the least. And painful. And yes I have a ton of stress. I get up every day, drink a cup of coffee then meditate, yoga, walk. I get up extra early so I can do these things but once my day really starts, so does the craziness. My sons on drugs, just got arrested, best friend is dying from cancer and my job is running from here to there all day on a time frame. I need coffee just to deal with that. Haha it makes driving not so terrible. Well it used to. I am going to make another appointment with gyno and see if I can try the only other antiviral I haven't tried. Fimvir or something like that. And I'll stop taking the extra valtrex in a couple days.

Thank you for taking the time to try and calm me down. This whole thing has just been such a nightmare. I want it over. I want my old life back. I used to be such a happy relaxed person. God, I miss her.

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You're welcome. I just want to say- I don't think that the way the virus was delivered would make it different. It should still act as it is suppose to. And I'm assuming that you are itching pretty much off an on, so are you associating what you are doing at that moment with what is causing that to happen? I'm not sure that it works like that. It takes awhile for foods to go through your system. So if you are currently eating something and it seems like you are getting a reaction at that moment, I would not associate it with that food. I haven't ever limited my food (but I didn't have that information available either) so I don't know the exact way of finding out what your triggers are or even how that works. But I'm going to firmly stand behind the statement that it would take awhile for something to go through your system. I think that the food triggers means that you eat something and it causes an outbreak? (Like later in the day) Not that it causes itching and prodomes in the midst of an outbreak. Hopefully someone can step in and add to that.


It doesn't take long for extra doses of medication to start damaging your liver. Please don't take more than you are suppose to. It isn't helping anyway is it? It sounds like your stress levels are elevated at the moment (And who wouldn't be stressed with what you have going on!?) Herpes LOVES stress. It's the number one trigger, so I would not limit anything that I get pleasure from and try just focusing on unwinding. I know that stress isn't always avoidable- like in your instance. I'm sorry about everything you have going on at the moment.


While at the doctor, have them swab you again. Just to see if there is any possibility it's something else. And you didn't answer if you have an autoimmune disorder? Usually those that have one long continuous outbreak with no relief have something else causing this. And do try some of the tricks for drying it up on the outside. If you could tone down that itchy feeling, I bet it would give you some relief. Hang in there! It does get easier!

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Thanks for the links! At Mmissouri. I am very sensitive to sugar and a lot of things but I don't have an autoimmune disease. Before this I was completely healthy. But always. 1/2 a glass of wine will keep me awake all night. I have tried 4 times to eat a candy bar since my diagnosis and every time same thing. Starts itching before I'm even done, with flu like symptoms the next day and blisters the day after that.


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Hey! All the advice up there is right. I would just like to suggest two things. Because I was having the same problem. I would like to suggest to take garlic supplements and (it sounds gross) but also fresh garlic and raw honey every day. Garlic is the number 1 virus killer and they suggest it all over the Internet. I cut up fresh garlic everyday small enough to take it like a pill. Two garlic cloves a day and I take garlic supplements. I'm on valtrex too. But the garlic helps fight it off faster. Also, I use betadine as soon as I feel it coming. I swear by it. You can look into it if you want. But it helps me so much. So just some food for thought.

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I was having the same issues for over 6 months, and think it was related to the Valtrex. Literally every day I would have the chafed, irritated feeling, tingling, and mild itching. I decided to stop taking the Valtrex for a while, and see how I felt. I haven't had any of the prodrome syndromes since, did have one minor outbreak that lasted about a day. Have not been off it that long, but I think it was impacting that feeling.

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I agree with all of the above!!! Try switching to acyclovir. I know it's the same drug, but it's processed differently in your body. I've had H over 30 yrs. Only 5 ob's a year, but decided to try anti viral to cut them out entirely. As soon as I started Valtrex I went into an almost constant prodrome (never had prodrome prior to valtex ever). I had tingling in glutes, back of thighs and vulva pain for 4 months. Switched to acyclovir and in a week my symptoms were almost gone and in two weeks completely gone. I've read the same on other sites. I would start there.

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