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Razor burn or herpes?

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I need some advice. I shave down there and when I do I get a lot of bumps. They look like typical razor burn bumps but it just seems like more then usual. And their mainly at the top area and sometimes in the side creases. But I'm still not 100% sure. I have had this problem now for a little while. And I'm getting freaked out. They don't turn into sores, but my outbreaks aren't full on blister like. But I'm confused. Anyone have any experience?

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I have, and I stopped shaving as much. I don't know if it was herpes, but I figured why irritate something if I didn't have to. I've waxed and it doesn't seem to affect me the same way. So maybe change up your routine (look into different shaving creams or ways to minimize irritation from shaving) or change the method completely (waxing, depilatory cream, or trimmers of some sort).

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I don't do it regularly. I've become lazy since I'm pretty much single at the moment. When I did it, I was in a relationship and he helped. I tried it once myself since being separated and OMG!! I walked around half waxed half shaved for awhile LOL. There is just something about bracing yourself for the pain while someone else is causing it, and being the one doing it. My hands we literally shaking so bad I couldn't finish. (But hey, you might be tougher than I am!)


I can honestly say that the waxing did not irritate me like the shaving. If I were in a relationship, and I wanted it done, I'd probably go to a pro because of the above.


The only thing you can do is experiment and see what works for you.

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It will take 6 to 8 treatments over a year so not a fast process, However in saying that I've only had one treatment and I have barely any hair left and it's 2 months since it. I'm not going completely bald, leaving a landing strip lol. I'm happy I've done it so far and it is only mildly uncomfortable nothing compared to waxing! Cost effective too, I'm doing legs and underarms too.

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