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First time OB - what should I ask for to get me started this year?

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Hi all,


So I am living abroad, and the doctor emailed me my tests and said I had HSV2 and then said my prescription was waiting at the hospital and to pick it up. And that was that. (I was so shocked at the low education given to someone that got a positive test result!)


They gave me a 500mg tab pack with 14 pills, and they couldn't give more because it's prescription. But I've been seeing some people take daily Valtrex if they are sexually active or feeling an outbreak, etc and I was wondering what the normal case is. From what I've been reading, the first year tends to have the most outbreaks and often more intense. So I'd like to be prepared and not have to go back to the hospital all the time to refill.


1) Would you mind sharing your experiences with how this works with the meds?

2) I'm going to try to stock up on some supplements like lysine. Any brands or types you'd recommend? This experience has been rather excruciating!


Thanks all! xx



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I assume you have just been diagnosed. What you were prescribed sounds usual for that situation. Was this your regular doctor you are dealing with? If not get to a doctor who deals with herpes a lot, like an OB/GYN for instance. You can discuss with them the option of a suppressive prescription of Valtrex or Acyclovir.


As far as recommendations go check out this link http://supporttruthanddialog.com/. It is a blog written by @WCSDancer2010. It can give you answers to your second question. It has a lot of info you can use at this time. Sure wished it had been around 29 years ago when I was new to all this.

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@ihaveittoo wow, thank you for that link! That's exactly the kind of information I was looking for, great blog @WCSDancer2010. :)


I was dealing with a gyno at a standard hospital. She didn't offer anything else or provide any info about this condition, so that's why I'd rather just ask them for what I need first and do my own research. I didn't realize that this was a different from a suppressive prescription, so I shall send my request over today. Much appreciated, and it's so reassuring to get some advice from an H vet ;)))

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So glad my blog is helping people!


The problem with living abroad is that many countries are even less "concerned" about Herpes and it can be harder to get long term suppressive medications. In the UK they say you have to have 6-8 OB's a year to get on it even with a committed partner. So you may have to advocate for yourself and refuse to accept that kind of idiocy. I hate lying, but I tell people in those situations to say they have had OB's quite frequently if they want to get on Supressive meds.



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@WCSDancer2010 @ihaveittoo Thanks to your advice, I got three more months. However, I've been dealing with this first outbreak for 7 days and this is my second day of medication. Shouldn't I feel better? I'm still really exhausted and I can feel tenderness around my spinal base.

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First outbreaks are usually the most difficult and take longer to get over than any outbreaks that come after it. Continue taking the antiviral as prescribed and it should start settling down in a few days. Its always best to start as soon as you start feeling prodromal symptoms. The virus definitely had the upper hand before you started taking them. The good news is that you are now a little more prepared for the future.


If by chance the antiviral you are taking doesn't seem to be effective after a week or so of taking them go back to your doctor. There are 3 different antivirals on the market, Valtrex, Acyclovir(sometimes called Zovirex), and Famvir. I always had good results with Acyclovir. The one time I was prescribed Famvir I was not impressed. That being said others have reported the opposite results from mine. I've never used Valtrex but most seem to have good results with it. I've not taken an antiviral for over 20 years now. Its been over a year now since my last outbreak. It will get better for you over time.

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