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Sports supplements - Amino Energy + Whey?

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I love working out and take two supplements daily: ON Gold Standard and ON Amino Energy


1) ON Gold Standard has some lysine - do you think one scoop is enough for the daily dose and to replace taking separate lysine supplements? And I see that we're not supposed to be eating chocolate (grr) but flavoring should be fine no? ;)


2) I'm pretty new to the ON Amino Energy that's coffee flavor. I've been reading that coffee isn't the best thing to drink, but I'd still like some boost during the day. Do you think that would be a safe replacement?

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How many milligrams of lysine are in it? I think a tablet has 500.


I just want to mention that some people have what are called triggers. Meaning they have something that irritates them and causes them to have outbreaks. So they will experiment with food items and cut out what they find to cause problems for them. It is not the same for everyone. So if you enjoy your chocolate and coffee, then continue to do so. Not everyone is the same, so unless you are having unbearable or continuous outbreaks, I would not start cutting things you enjoy.


I personally have never had a food trigger. My triggers are stress and irritation to the genital area (meaning dry/rough sex, or underwear that may rub the crease between my thigh and outer labia).

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@hhxoxo Mmissouri is correct...different people have different triggers. I weight train (heavy) 6 days per week and I use the high dollar protien powder Annex... it's hydrolyzed meaning it's absorbed by the body very quickly to forego any stomach issues therefore $$ but I don't worry about the lysine content. I've been doing this for aprox 13 /14 yrs and have never noticed it to bring on an ob. I've had Hvs2 over 30 yrs and over time ob's become less and less. Friction from rough sex was my biggest trigger. Really, prob the only trigger. Now, that does not apply, but prob because I use extra lube. I take about 45 grms (almost two scoops) of Annex mixed with oatmeal (one cup) as a post workout sup as well as my breakfast with (whole almonds)....... ( lots of people feel nuts are a trigger). Of course, all protein powders come with different sized scoops and serving specs. Just sort of try to monitor what you eat/do/drink and see what triggers your ob's and act accordingly. I drink two cups coffee every morning as well as a glass of wine each night:).......I don't eat anything with sugar.......just because it's empty calories with no nutritional value at all. That's about the only thing I avoid besides fried foods

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I used to use gold standard, but it has a lot of arginine as well. I stopped using it because I think it was making me breakout. Instead you eat non fat Greek yogurt which has a lot of protein and is also actual food.


Be careful taking lysine supplements because I think they might not be the best for your liver. Ask you doctor about it though..

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