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Wondering if anyone's had this experience with a first outbreak

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First of all, I have had ghsv-1 for almost a year now. I had an initial outbreak of just a few sores, maybe four or five. And after that I think I had one sore on another occasion, but it was very mild, wasn't even sure.


But the last three mornings I've woken up with this strange symptom which is that even though I've gone to bed fresh and showered, I woke up with this weird wet feeling between my butt cheeks and have felt increasingly kind of diaper rashed. The area was/is irritated and uncomfortable, like a heat rash. Last night I made a real point of bathing and drying and airing out, slept in the buff, and same thing, but this morning seemed to have sores! There were probably at least 6 or 8. I couldn't really see them in the mirror, which is so frustrating because I think I'd recognize what a classic herpes sore looks like.


Anyhow, I'm worried that it's an initial hsv-2, since its at least as bad if not worse seeming than my hsv-1 initial OB. But of course I'm hoping its some kind of diaper rash kinda situation. Has anyone experiencing this weird wet morning phenomena that I'm talking about? I can't recall ever having it before. But I do feel like i might have had some kind of similar rash just from working out and being sweaty. I'm hoping whatever this wet is has caused my rash rather than having herpes sores that caused the wet.


How long does it take the sores to get crusty? I feel like w my first outbreak it was only about a day but can't really remember. I'm hoping that if these are gone or at least not acting like herpes tomorrow, I'll be able to relax about this.


Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I'd love to hear opinions.

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Thank you, M! Whatever it is, I think I burnt it with tea tree oil. So now the sores feel more painful. Without the oil, I'd say the pain would make me think herpes, but I seriously went crazy w the tto, slathered it on with just a little coconut oil, maybe 50%. Out of frustration.


My friend who has hsv2 tells me these are nothing like her sores, but they do seem similar in size and shape to my hsv1 sores. Looking online, tho, the pics look consistent with what I have. I just wish I could really see them.


The only thing that makes me think maybe not is that it really doesn't hurt much at all. My fingers are crossed but I'm pretty sure it is what it is.


Has anyone had a second outbreak months later worst than the first? I feel like this has gotta be hsv2 now.

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