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How to address pain with HSV2 outbreaks?

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I'm on my 3rd month of outbreaks. I'd never had this (that I realized) before in about 30 years and my husband of almost 19 years does not have HSV1 or HSV2. It most likely was contracted when I was raped as a 12 year old girl. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! :-(


So, I have cold sores, mouth sores, eye sores, sores in both nostrils, discomfort in/around vagina - though this time there are no lesions/bleeding vaginally that I can see, and I have lesions all over my body in nickel sized spots. I am NOT the usual HSV2 patient. I also have red spots on my hands and a couple of places that are likely to turn into blisters... we'll see in the next week.


Motrin and tylenol are NOT helpful as far as pain goes. I am now on Valtrex as suppressive therapy.


I tried to call for Rx pain meds today from my doctor and have yet to get help in that area. I'm considering going to the ER tomorrow, no matter the co-pay. In July I was sent there by my doctor due to worries that I was acting "loopy" and they worried I was having psych symptoms. I have fibromyalgia and I feel as though I'm being looked at as a drug seeker by my doc. :-( I saw her on Tuesday for a regular appointment, started prodrome symptoms that night, and by Thursday had cold sores and other ugliness.


Every day I look worse. I go to my eye doc on Wed. to have her look at my eyes. Fun.


How do you address pain management, especially if suppression meds are not working for you? I'm to tears and it seems as though no one I know or love gives AF. :-( I can't sleep; It hurts to sit, stand, and going to the toilet? OMGosh... Wiping is TERROR. I try not to eliminate to give myself a break. Washing my face hurts, etc. I'm sure many of you can empathize with the symptoms and pain.


I have 3 children - ages 20, 15, and 7. My 7 year old has autism and he is the ONLY one who treats me the same and is the sweet loving boy he's always been. I'm so grateful for him!!!!


I can't believe I'm sharing all of this.


What do you do for pain? What point would you go to the ER? (esp for pain?) I'm getting to the point that I just can't take it any more and I'm tired of being treated like a druggie when I'm not. :-(


Thanks for input. I really need it. :-)





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@GlacierDaisy, If the pain is unbearable, I would definitely go to the ER for pain relief. I went for my first outbreak and they offered me a local (which I declined, the thought of a needle anywhere near that area was not happening) and a full script to fill at a pharmacy.


A lot of people have that horrible genital pain when urinating. They suggest urinating in the tub/shower. The flow of water helps the burn. There are many suggestions for treating the sores themselves to heal them quicker from the outside. You might want to look at some threads to get that information. (WCSDancer is usually the one that posts them, look for her name).


I'm so sorry that you are having such a horrible outbreak. I hope that the antivirals kick in and give you some relief soon.


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Thank you for your response. I fear the ER docs would also look at me as a drug seeker as there are no lesions on my genitals. It's "just" sensitive. I have lesions on my lips, in my mouth in my nose, my hands, my legs... It's ironic that HSV2 attacks me with a vengeance in non-genital areas (though I've had it there, too, just not as much this time).

ER docs looked at me last month like, hmm, why are you here? it's just some cold sores and weird blisters on your shoulder and leg that we don't have a clue about.


My SIL is a nurse and is suggesting an infectious disease doctor.

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I agree with your SIL. If you have an autoimmune disorder then they may very well be your best bet. I didn't realize it wasn't outbreaks genitally and just sensitivity (If they can't see it, odds are they may think you are just drug seeking). Best of luck, it isn't easy to get pain relief sometimes, because there are so many people that abuse it.

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