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Medication frequency

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Hi all,


I have posted recently about my new diagnosis (hsv2) and feeling like I cna't get over my initial / or repeatitive outbreaks.

I went from getting episodic valtrex to calling and asking for suppressive. I went through my first bottle, taking two for the days I was having symptoms (well three days of two a day) and called to get my refill. I can't refill though b/c I went through them too quickly.


So what do you do in this case. Does the DR. Give you two prescriptions? At this point I have been off for one day and I am already having pains shooting down my buttocks and left leg. Is that just something I am supposed to get used to? Do the suppressive stop that?


I am very frustrated I feel like my body hasn't normalized at all. I have one new small red spot and I don't know if it's an outbreak or not. I am just very confused by what is and is not an outbreak.


Any break I take from my valtrex results in symptoms. I. Just don't know where to go from here. It seems like this won't stop and I want to get back to normal. I have gone back and forth on seeing an infectious disease specialist. I have n the past been questions about auto immune disease but have not followed through b/c I didn't want to get saddle with.a diagnosis that wasn't really something that was bothering me. Now I am wondering if that is causing this to be so constant.


Sorry I have so many questions. I have called my OB / gyn regarding a refill and have not gotten a return call for over 24 hours. It's just frustrating.


So basically my real point in this post is how do you deal with episodic mess and suppressive mess?

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@Cheezit Is your current prescription for 500 mg daily or 1000 mg daily? If it's 500 mg daily and you want to be able to increase the dosage to twice per day when you experience symptoms of an outbreak, I would explain this to the doctor and ask him/her to give you a new/replacement prescription for 500 mg twice per day so the insurance will allow you to refill it more frequently. Then you can continue taking 500 mg per day but have extra to allow you to double up when you have outbreaks. Or perhaps you could even take 1000 daily if you're getting constant outbreaks. I think that's a pretty common dosage for people who get more than several outbreaks per year.

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