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One year down, one confident lady and one new man

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Wow! It's been months since I've posted but trust me I've been around and reading!


Hey guys!

So in 2 days it will be one year since I went to the doctor and got diagnosed. When looking back on this year I cannot believe how far I have come. I seriously remember signing up for this web page with tear filled eyes and flushed cheeks because I needed someone, anyone to talk too at the time. Looking back on it, this forum has helped me oh so much. About a week in to being a member I found one of my best friends ever, he is literally like my older brother and even though his test results came back negative he still supports the community and gives me pep talks when needed. The whole "it gets better" line is super cliche'd, it's really overused and a tad bit annoying at time. So I'm not going to hit you with that, but what I will tell you is that the World may be Broken but Hope is not Crazy. Have hope every morning you step out of bed. Have hope everytime you come in contact with a new individual and have hope everytime you want to go on a date with someone. Go and get that booty, dammit! (Sorry way to much coffee today)


Within this year I've learned so much about myself, I've gained so many blessings, and I've learned that herpes can in fact be a blessing in disguise. When you disclose to someone that's when you find out who's really there just for sex and who is really there for you. And after kissing a lot of frogs I've finally found my prince. My boyfriend is super accepting of my situation and cares about me for me which is all I can ask for. Go for a hike, go to the gym, go take a painting class. Getting your mind of the situation will help so much more because you tend to forget about it. I'm also on suppressive therapy which has helped SO much.


Does it get better ? Over time yes. But I had to gain my confidence back. I decided to take my life back and to not let this sickness get me down. I took charge of myself and now I'm a 21 year old, re-enrolled college student (woooooo back to school back to school!) with a very supportive man and family by her side.


So I leave you with; have hope. have faith. And in the words of Pink "Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead."


Love yo' faces !


- ThatJerseyGirl

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I'm envious of you. I'm just past my 1 year mark and still struggling daily with self esteem. My ex, who is negative, is super supportive and wants to get back together whenever I'm ready. But I'm so uncomfortable with my body, shame, etc. that I can't fully commit to him again yet. I need to get my head straight first, so that I don't feel dirty or tainted every time he touches me. Thanks for your positive words!

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