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Possible OB? Should I go back on meds? I'm so scared right now

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I was diagnosed last year with hsv 2. Since then I have only had that one severe outbreak. I went to planned parenthood and the doctor prescribed me a years worth of acyclovir to take twice a day and three times of I had an outbreak. Well my prescription is expired and I requested another refill and was DENIED.



My OB was the more severe insane thing I've ever experienced in life and I'm so afraid it's going to happen again. It's been a month and I think an OB is coming. There's a large lump down there that is tingley and slightly hurts for the last couple days and my throat has just started hurting today. I looked in my mouth and it I saw little white dots on my tonsils which means I'm also sick. Which I think I get sick when I have outbreaks. The only reason I can't tell if it's on OB or not is because the first time it was a bunch of little sores on the inside of the "lips." This is a large lump in a different area that does look like a sore it's kind of a hard lump. Idk what the heck this is.


I'm literally terrified. Am I having an OB?


Should I request a refill again and tell her I'm having an OB?


Should I go back on meds long term? I can't handle what I went through last time. I'm so afraid.

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Hey hun!


Don't freak out too much! If you can get the meds again then do, but in UK I am sure they don't let you have it whenever you want unless you have a serious case of constant outbreaks.. I am looking into this though.

If the case is they don't let you have more, then honestly the out breaks are nothing like the first one at all. They can be itchy but to be honest they don't effect day to day life. Unless you are trying to have sex, then I guess its annoying!

I havent had it long (just over 2 months) and I've already had 2 outbreaks since my first one (how unlucky ay)

Hopefully you can get more meds if you want, but if its the worse case senario and they don't give them to you then honestly do not worry because it will never be like the first time.


Not sure this is helpful, I just want to reassure that you won't go through what you did at the begining.

I always worry I have one when I see something weird, but whenever I have an outbreak I know its one. So weird. Maybe go the docs just to check it out and put your mind at ease

If you want to chat more, I am totally here. Xxxx

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I had something similar happen that I thought was the start of an OB...but it was like nothing I'd ever experienced or heard of before....Turned out to be a bartholin cyst. That sounds more like what you may be experiencing based on the hard lump. To be honest, I'd rather have an OB any day over that cyst...that was way more painful and annoying than anything!

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Def get the lump checked. I would think an ob would have come sooner than a month out from being off your meds. Maybe it's swollen lymph nodes from being sick. Yeah, I would certainly ask for a running supply of anti viral. If you have to, tell the Dr you are having ob's every month. I agree with Hippyherpy......I take them like I do my vitamins (every day).

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