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My story and any tips for whilst travelling?

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So i have been diagnosed for about 2 and a half months now.

Was in a bad place to start but now I am okay - I have amazing friends, one of whom also has it! And everyone I have told haven't batted an eyelid and have let me be upset and then been really supportive. Kind of made me realise in general its not a big deal. (Especially since having another out break, no where near what I thought it was going to be like). The only thing that makes it a big deal is fear of rejection from someone it might affect.

I worry about when I meet someone I really like what I will do but for now I'm.not focussing on that nor on relationships in general. Will get to that bridge when I come to it. Going for the whole Lone Wolf, I only need my girl gang vibe ha!



I wondered if anyone has tips for being on holiday with Herpes. As i havent been having Out breaks for very long, i am already seeing that i am prone to them... had 2 since being diagnosed not including the horrendous first one!


I am off travelling to Oz & New Zealand in December and really dont want to be having out breaks when I am going to be in a bikini alot.

Anyone have advice about it, do you think the GUM clinic will give me the supressive tablets for whilst I am away? I am pretty sure in UK they don't just hand them out and only give them out if you get alot of out breaks, even if you pay for them, I'm not aure they will give them to me?


Opinons needs as a bit worried about it and I want to enjoy my trip and not be self concious about the big H!!


Thanks a lot guys x

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I've heard mixed answers about them giving out meds. They'll definitely give you antivirals to take during an OB, but you need to tell them it's happening regularly for them to give you suppressive courses, but in my case they were actually pretty keen to give them to me - must depend which Gum you go to and which doctor you see. Still have a few boxes I've never used! I tried to go without the meds as much as possible, I get an OB roughly once a year now (from once a month originally) So you probably won't be prone to them for long, and if you don't manage to get the suppressive pills I wouldn't worry about it - should be at the back of your mind so you get to fully enjoy Oz.

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Ah thanks a lot for replying! Yeah I kind of just wanted reassurance that it won't be a big deal when I am away, I guess not thinking about it is the best thing I can do!

I might pop into the clinic and just see what they say, no harm in asking is there!


Ooh that's great to hear that your out breaks are less regular, I hope that happens to me haha!


Thanks again xx

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