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Here's the Cure

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So, let me preface this by saying I'm still unsure whether or not I have herpes. I'm currently a month post exposure, awaiting another test (I dragged myself back into my doctor's office today.) I'm on mental breakdown number 4, but I keep pulling myself back together.


I can tell you this, though. This past month has absolutely blown the doors off of my perspective. I've done more research on herpes in the past few weeks than I ever did on ANYTHING in 6 years of college. I can tell you all about IgGs, IgMs, whitlow and really weird looking folliculitis.


The most important thing I can tell you is this. In order to cure herpes, you have to overcome it. The only debilitating aspect of herpes is the shame, the psychological damage. To cure herpes is to cure the stigma, and to let society know that you're the same damn person you were before you were diagnosed. You're not damaged. You're not dirty. You're not HERPES. You are a living, breathing, beautiful human being that deserves love and happiness just as much as anyone else.


Vaccinate yourself with pride, dignity, and self-love.


Whether I have herpes or not, I love all of you, and know that I'm rooting for you. Whoever coined the phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" must've been talking about herpes.


All the best,


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lol, I gotta say, by the title you had me. Thought for sure this was gonna be a spam post. ;)


And turns out, it's beautiful. You've so eloquently captured in writing the essence of what H Opp is all about. Thank you for your contribution, RS. Feels like a damn sweet breath of fresh air.

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Very well put Ringo!!! I'm way better than H any day of the week and twice on Sunday!!! Don't let it get the best of you because it will if you let it. Look the best you can look, be the best person you can be, love yourself, put your best foot forward and get out there and show the world your greatness is here!!!

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