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Shave and other questions.

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So I'm waiting on results to see if I have herpes. I'm pretty sure this is what I have so I have questions.

My SO and I have an amazing sex life and very active, multiple times a week. We have rough sex. Is this going to have to change now? Could it cause an outbreak? I've always been obsessed with the way my vagina looks. I like to keep it shaved and perfect looking. I have an outbreak right now, That's why I've gotten tested and pretty sure I have it. Will I be able to shave after this outbreak goes away? Or will that put me at risk for another outbreak? I don't feel attractive with too much hair down there and I feel like that is going to hurt mine and SOs sex life in a way.

Are these sores going to scar my vagina after they go away? Like I said before I'm very self conscious about the way it looks, if it scars im going to be devastated

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@Edt720 Several members here believe they've had outbreaks triggered by using a razor. IIRC, they do not notice the same pattern with waxing. I don't know if that may be an option for you. Perhaps you could first try shaving however you normally do and see how it goes. Everyone is different and shaving may not irritate you at all. In fact, even if you get a positive diagnosis, you may not get recurring outbreaks.


I don't get outbreaks but I have read many, many times that the appearance of skin returns to normal.


When I first got diagnosed, I thought my sex life would be totally different and sex would have to be weird and clinical, not crazy and rough. All that was wrong. You can still be crazy and rough. Just pay attention to how your body responds and if you notice a pattern, consider some little adjustments here and there. And if you do get recurring outbreaks, abstain from sex for those brief periods of time. But I would absolutely not assume this type of sex is history for you. Not at all.


Given that you are caring for a newborn, if your sex life is a little more irregular at times, you may find that you get irritated by rough sex if it's been a while since the last time. If that happens, I would not assume it will happen after every time you have rough sex.

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