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Will I get genital Herpes this way perhaps

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Hi I have a question, kind of crazy but here it goes, I used my phone to Masterbate, i had taken it out of its initial case and rubbed it down with a Lysol wipe and let it vibrate on my genitals, I was wearing leggings and panties and using a cloth in between all of that but then I sort of moved my panties to the side and so it was just the leggings and cloth in between the phone and then it was just the legging(which are sort of thin material, is there any chance that I may contract herpes this way? Can herpes go through thin cloths like leggings? Thank you

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I would get in touch with Kaspersky - they may be able to run a scan to determine whether your phone has herpes or not.


The only possible way your phone could spread herpes is if someone with the virus, whilst active, did the same as you moments beforehand - and you didn't wipe it down.

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Wow - never ceases to amaze me just how much education we have to do and how poorly our "sex education" classes are doing....


The simplest thing to get about Herpes is it dies pretty quickly outside the body. So as @Sil88 said, unless someone with an active outbreak played the same way with your phone immediately before you, the answer is no.... you can't get Herpes from inanimate objects unless you are playing with an active carrier... nor can you get it from toilet seats, bath towels. etc... it generally takes ACTIVE CONTACT with a carrier and mostly through vigorous rubbing of genitals or perhaps on a hand that has come in contact with an active lesion. :)

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