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Results are positive for H.

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I recently found out i was diagnosed with H. I feel like my entire life has been shattered to pieces. I cant eat , it's so hard to sleep. I found myself at work crying. I had to go to the bathroom and enclosed myself in a bathroom stall crying for ten minutes. I only had two sexual partners. My first was a mistake so i only slept with him twice. I went celibate for a year and a month. This march i met a great guy who became my boyfriend later on. I found a pimple down there couple weeks back.I was concerned and informed my boyfriend to go to the doctor. His results came before mine and it came out negative. I went to the doctor and she did a swab test it came out positive. I remembered that my bf had a cold sore on his mouth when we we started dating. I didn't think of nothing but my doctor said it's common. However his results are negative. I'm so distraught because that leaves the first guy as a possibility. Now it gets worse, couple days after I told my bf I had H, he was sympathletic and said he was really concerned about me crying this much. However, he has been distant days now, his messages are dry and for two days he has not answered my calls. To be honest all I wanted in life was to settle down,be married and in the future have a kid. This seems impossible my own bf as it stands because he hasn't officially said we are done but actions speaks louder than words. He basically rejected me. I can't blame him because he came out negative as he claims and I guess he doesn't want to take the risk and he's unsure of the future. I only confided to my high school friend who is a doctor. She's understanding but to trust anyone else that's out of the question. I feel like I can't cope and my life will be nonexistent starting at the age of 28. Writing this post I'm literally crying.

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No I didn't see the results. I told let's go to the doctor and take a retest. He replied that he feels uncomfortable to go to my doctor, however he would take another test. I'm contemplating that he is not been totally honest, it shouldn't be a big deal going to the doctor with me. I saw one cold sore while we were dating.

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You don't have to go to the doctor, there are commercial labs all over the place where you just walk in, get a blood draw and they give you a printed report of the results. Make him do that and show it to you. Or maybe better, forget he exists and start focusing on yourself to get over it.

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Hi, I'm generally so sorry. I have a similar story just like yours and this happened to me 8 yrs ago. When I told my ex, he denied it. He told me that I probably got it from the toilet seat, smh. I know exactly how you feel. It's really hard but now I think of it as a truth teller on the guys who claim to like or love me. Their reactions and behavior show their true colors. So far, I have been doing some research on eating clean, keeping stress levels low, exercise, and etc to at least keep the outbreaks low. I'm glad you found this site. I just found it and ppl seemed to be helpful. I believe you will be fine. It just takes time to heal. This is the time to find self love and true unconditional love will come your way. # Success stories here we come!

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Thank you for that post I just bought vitamin B stress complex to help my immune system . I know I have been stressing immensely. I have a obgyn appointment coming so I decided to take Valtrex as well. I'm also concerned can I ever wax again or shave that area?

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